Neeta Sinha

Creating the balance between living persons and their spaces

The world's only 'Astroarchitect' is a pioneer in the field of balancing house energies. Known as the celebrity homes doctor, she has successfully discovered and practiced a path-breaking theory of her own - that "EVERY HOUSE HAS A HOROSCOPE". She is the lady behind Big B's (Amitabh Bachchan's) celebrated Juhu home Mansa which she later changed to "Jalsa". She adviced Shahrukh Khan to title his house name with 'M' hence "Mannat". Among her other clients are Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar. Punj's, Ambani's and Godrej's from the Corporate World.

So what defines Neeta Sinha and makes her stand apart - It is the ease and effectiveness of her science even for places which are not vaastu compliant her science has been able to give 100% positive result. Her simple remedies goes a long way in improving one's life, creating harmony and helping one succeed.


Water Body (Flowing Fountain / Fish Tank)

Water Body (Flowing Fountain / Fish Tank)

Water energy is considered to bring good luck and cash flow if kept in a proper place. It is a very powerful source of energy and hence is an important element in Astro architecture.


“I think the lady is delightful! I can vouch for Neeta because I sent her to several friends and acquaintances, and they have all got back to me with very favourable reports.

Karan Johar(Indian filmmaker)