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Anshu Popli

Anshu Popli always had a keen interest and enthusiasm towards learning Astrology and Astroarchitecture® from her mother Neeta Sinha. Although she pursued a successful corporate life in companies like Godrej, Christian Dior her intuition always led her to assist her mother and learn the Divine Science under her mentorship. Now from the past 8 years she has been successfully practising along side Neeta Sinha as part of her team as well as individually. Healing and Helping people is her natural calling. Over these years she has helped many individuals and business houses with issues related to finance, relationships, family, health and career.

Ankur Saini

Ankur Anand Saini, by profession, is a certified Life Coach (ICF), who always possessed a passion forempowering people to help them be successful, confident and happy. Having grown up seeing the incredible results of Astroarchitecture® on peoples lives, Ankur was always curious and keen on learning the science from his mother Neeta Sinha to help people with it. Today, he uses a holistic approach of using Astroarchitecture® to balance the external forces and his own training as a life coach for shifting the inner belief patterns for his clients to facilitate an all round improvement in the quality of their lives.

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