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Neeta Sinha

My fascination for the occult and the passion to study it grew when my paths crossed with the Late Dr. L.N. Kusuma, a student of K.S. Krishnamurthy – a renowned homeopath and one of the greatest cosmic research scientists. A non-believer of the science myself, I was astounded by the accurate predictions given by him regarding my life, igniting a powerful desire to learn the science.

The practice of Astro-Architecture aims to balance the energies in a house and thereby, bring significant change in one’s life. After years of extensive and in-depth research, Astro-Architect Neeta Sinha discovered that every house has a horoscope.

Hence, astrology and architecture were combined to reach a harmonious equilibrium between the positive and negative sectors of a particular house.

Dr. Kusuma and I researched around 30,000 homes, offices and other premises for the effects of the laws of Vaastu. We were driven by the question that why is it that in a high rise building, where the Vaastu of all the houses are the same, different individuals get different results?

It was then that we discovered that not only people, but their living spaces also have horoscopes. Every place has 3 negative sectors and 9 positive sectors. I first study the architectural maps and plans of a house, and then work to enhance the positive sectors and subdue the negative ones.

With over 25 years of practice, I now instinctively know which small changes in the surroundings can bring about huge differences in people’s lives – ushering in times of prosperity and happiness.

Hence, I have used this platform to showcase the nuances of Astro-Architecture and throw light on how the practice of the same can impact a life for better.

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