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Astrology as a science was developed to help plan ones future better, to make the right choices in life. You cannot control the eventualities that will come into your life, but you can prepare yourself for it. It is a tool that helps you to gain some control in your life by providing you certain directions and not a mystical science that one should be dependent on!

Each one is here to live up to the unique destiny that they are blessed with. The exact position of the astrological planets at the time, date and place you choose to be born, acts as a blueprint for your destiny.

The birth chart, as it is known, is an imprint that determines your base personality and the planetary movements thereafter helps in predicting the circumstances that will arise in an individual’s life. To know about these circumstances in advance helps in being mentally, emotionally and physically better prepared for it.

Get to know your future!

Astrological reading of personal horoscope 
a) Full reading which includes telephone conversation with Neeta Sinha – INR 5000 + 18%GST per person
b) Per question reading, answer will be given over the email – INR 1000 + 18%GST – per question
c) Match making – INR 3000 + 18%GST /-

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