Astrology – Planets (Part3)

Relationship of Planets

We have seen in brief the individual characteristics of each of the planets now let’s try and understand how they behave with each other

Planet        Friend                              Enemy                       Neutral

Sun            Moon, Mars, Jupiter            Venus, Saturn              Mercury

Moon          Sun, Mercury                     –                                 Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

Mars           Sun, Moon, Jupiter             Mercury                       Venus, Saturn

Mercury       Sun, Venus                       Moon                           Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Jupiter        Sun, Moon, Mars               Mercury, Venus              Saturn

Venus         Mercury, Saturn                 Sun, Moon                    Mars, Jupiter

Saturn        Mercury, Venus                  Sun, Moon, Mars            Jupiter

As we can see that the relationship between planets are different in many cases for eg: Mercury considers sun as friend but in case of Sun it is neutral to mercury. These relationship are natural relationships which is common in all charts. Rahu and Ketu are enemies with Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter but comfortable with Venus, Mercury and Saturn. These relationship sometimes change depending on the position of planets in a person’s chart. For eg: if planets are sitting in each others house then even enemy planets become neutral to each other.. this is called as parivartan yog. We will learn more about these later. Right now let’s try and understand the basics first.


Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets

Planet                   Exaltation Sign(Deg of Highest Exal)       Debilitation Sign(Deg of deepest deb)

Sun                       Aries (10°)                                                           Libra (10°)

Moon                     Taurus (3°)                                                          Scorpio (3°)

Mars                      Capricorn (28°)                                                    Cancer (28°)

Mercury                  Virgo (15°)                                                          Pieces (15°)

Jupiter                   Cancer (5°)                                                         Capricorn (5°)

Venus                    Pieces (27°)                                                        Virgo (27°)

Saturn                   Libra (20°)                                                           Aries (20°)

A planet when is in a sign of Exaltation it is really strong and in its sign of debilitation is really weak. When the planet is preceding the sign in which it would be exalted the planet is called Uchchabhilashi or desiring for exaltation. A planet in its uchchabhilashi sign is also considered good. For example sun in pieces, Moon in Aries are considered good. Similarly the planet in the preceding sign before it becomes debilitated is called Neechabhilashi, this position is not considered good. A  planet is considered stronger than its own sign at its Mool Trikon sign.

Mool Trikon Sign of Planets

Sun: 0° to 20° in Leo

Moon: 4° to 30° in Taurus

Mars: 1° to 12° in Aries

Mercury: 16° to 20° in Virgo

Jupiter: 1° to 10° in Sagittarius

Venus: 0° to 5° in Libra

Saturn: 1° to 20° in Aquarius

Rahu: Aquarius

Ketu: Leo


-          Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

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Astrology – Planets (Part2)

Rahu and Ketu

In addition to the seven planets, the nodes of the Moon are very important in Vedic Astrology. The north node is called Rahu or snakes’s head; the south node is called Ketu or the snake’s tail.

Rahu and Ketu are regarded as secondary or shadowy planets. Astronomically, they represent the points at which the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. At these places at which the moon crosses the point of the sun’s orbit, eclipses can occur. The lunar nodes show the times when the solar and lunar forces obstruct each other or cancel each other out. They are very sensitive points and cause repercussions in the total fields of planetary forces.

Rahu and Ketu are bith malefic in nature. Rahu is ‘discontent incarnate’, ever dissatisfied’ and ‘attachment’. Ketu is ‘fanaticism incarnate’, ‘obstinate’, ‘courageous’ and ‘detachment’.

The best houses for Rahu and Ketu is 3rd, 6th and 9th. Out of this Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in 9th is considered the best position

Rahu and Ketu since are only nodes and do not have any physical body. They imbibe the qualities of the planets they are conjoined with and the attributes of the house they tenant. If the house tenanted is good and the planet also good (inherently, as well as by ownership), the results will be excellent. But if the house tenanted is evil and the planet co-joining also evil, unfavourable results will follow.

As per my experience. Whichever house Rahu is placed it creates strong attachment but with dissatisfaction. It creates insecurities and fears in matters pertaining to that house. Rahu indicates cash money, under the table work, hidden things.

Ketu on the other hand indicates loss or limitation, indicates stubbornness of views. However it is good for matters pertaining to writing, astrology, frequency work, paper. Ketu born are research minded but nervous in nature.

- Anshu Popli

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Astrology and Career Counselling

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a science of fate and destiny. It is a science which recognises the spiritual essence of ‘karma and dharma’. Every soul takes birth to realise certain destiny. To learn some lessons and to enjoy some luxuries. This determination of the soul takes place at the time of birth. The first light that hits your body at your birth constitutes your energy system. The light is formed by seven colors emitted by our seven planets. At any particular time the energy level of these individual colors are never the same. Depending on energy levels of all these colors the blueprint of your life is formed. Study of this blueprint is Astrology. The first reference of astrology was done in Rigveda. Since then this science has maintained its share of believers and followers. It is one of the most ancient sciences.

How does Astrology help in Career Determination?

Astrology recognizes four aims of human life: Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha. Kama means desires, your emotional and sensory fulfilment. Artha means goals, Dharma means one’s principles. Moksha’s means liberation or freedom. So when you determine your career path which are in sync with your true desires, goals and principles, it becomes much easier for one to nurture it ahead and flourish in life. We see so many cases today of students being confused about their career even after finishing their education. In many cases they end up doing jobs which are entirely different from their educational background. Only if one had taken proper guidance early on one could have educated in the right path, hence increasing the probability of performing better in jobs.

What is the right age to take astrological guidance and how accurately can one predict the career?

It is always ideal to take astrological guidance when a child is in 10th or 12th std. The time when one chooses the education stream. However if career is something that is bothering you at any point one can seek consultation.

Astrology can accurately predict firstly the nature of one’s career whether it will be a job, business or consultancy – in India or abroad. Then it can predict about the direction medical, technical, creative, administrative, computers, artistic, research, etc. Beyond that one can also use it to understand the branches one will be good at for example if one takes engineering the branch would be chemical, bio, computer mining, metals, automobile, etc. In today’s day and world even to predict till this point is a very broad prediction as there are many paths one can choose from their as well. In such cases if a person already has shortlisted 2-3 things in his mind then it becomes easier for me to guide.

In the end I would just like to add that taking astrological career counselling at the right age can really help one save time, efforts and money in the long run.

- Anshu Popli

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Astrology – Planets (Part1)

Role of Planets

1)      Sun: Sun plays the role of the father in the solar system. It is male energy, responsible, one’s soul, energy. It represents fame, glory, principled nature, self respecting individual. However many times this self respect can easily be mistaken by ego. It represents will power, truthfulness.

Physical appearance: Square, honey-eyed, scanty hair on head, illustrious of good appearance.

Colour: Copper coloured

2)      Moon: Moon plays the role of the mother in the solar system. Moon is feminine energy, represents the mind, fast, active, multitasking, bright, intelligent, mild, emotions, fickle minded if afflicted. Represents cash money. Moon represents your emotional mind.

Physical appearance: Young, slender and globular body, well shaped limbs, intelligent, good eyes, soft spoken, fond of walking or travelling, having good discrimination, fine(thin) curly hair, fond of middle aged women.

Colour: White

3)      Mars: Mars plays the role of the brother in the solar system. Mars represents masculine energy, blood in your system. Mars is high energy, blood in your system. Mars is opinionated, strong willed, volatile, risk taking, daring, courageous. Mars is surgery, army, police.

Physical appearance: Cruel glance, young, not very tall, fond of self praise, impatient, restless, thin waist, fond of sports, commanding influence, sexy.

Colour: Deep red

4)      Mercury: Mercury is the accountant of the family (Munimji). Mercury represents dual characteristics. It has both masculine and feminine energy and gets influenced by the planets surrounding it. Mercury is your speech, intelligence, good with finance, dual income, fast thinker. Mercury and sun together in any house is considered very auspicious.

Physical appearance: Diplomatic speech or habit of speaking with double meaning, clear pronunciation, spare and thin body, humorous, fond of fun, learned, clever, veins prominent, imitate others in speech and dress

Colour: Green

5)      Jupiter: Jupiter is the teacher(Guru) of the family. It is given the position of god. Jupiter represents masculine energy, wisdom, righteous behaviour, kind, knowledgeable, see’s everyone with equal eye, just, fat, desk job, guidance.

Physical appearance: Big and fat body, prominent belly, brownish eyes and hair, benevolent eyes, very wise, having the voice of lion.

Colour: yellow

6)      Venus: Venus plays the role of other women in the family. Venus represents feminine energy, creative mind. Film industry is ruled by Venus, Person has eye for all things beautiful, good lifestyle. It is the only planet which gives good result even in negative houses. Artist, computers, brands, charismatic personality.

Physical appearance: Handsome in appearance, long arms, large thighs, chest and face, dark curly and long hair, fond of dress of variegated colour, intelligent, fond of dalliance, big eyes, sexy, wealthy may have some defect in eyes.

Colour: Variegated colours

7)      Saturn: Saturn plays the role of sweeper in the family. Saturn represents masculine and feminine energy, but more on the masculine side. Under the earth, dark, philosophical bent, lazy, subdued, likes to work in routine, old, hardworking, technical knowledge.

Physical appearance: Indolent or lazy, long and thin body, big or defective teeth, rough hair on body and head, may have hair on the lower part of ears, lame, hard limbs, selfish. If Saturn is strong the native would be sober, deep sagacious, fond of mystic and occult sciences, philosophy, etc.

Colour: Black

- Anshu Popli

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Astrology – Houses

What are houses?

As we have learnt earlier there are 12 zodiac signs in a birth chart. These 12 signs forms the 12 houses. The first house is determined by the rising sign – the ascendant or lagna. The sign next to it will be the 2nd house and so on..

Let’s look at the characteristics of these houses and what each one of them signify

First House

The 1st house represents your – self, your personality, the way you look, your attitude towards things, your will power (this also depends on the position of sun in your horoscope), composition of body, temperament, mannerism. Among parts of the body the head is governed by this house. The person with strong ascendant is capable to achieve name, fame and success during the dasha of the ascendant by sheer hardwork. Any malefic planet (we will learn about planets later) like Mars/ketu can cause hurt in the head region or some perennial issues.

Second House

The 2nd house represents your extension, your family, finance, wealth. It also represents one’s attitude towards family, possession, power. Its represents one’s speech. 2nd However has some negative qualities. It is one of the Maraka house and when combined with 6th, 8th or 12th house can cause multiplicity of problems. But we will understand this later. For right now it is important to learn what each house represents, what are the things one can benefit during the dasha of lords of this house. Among body parts second house represents the throat, and above throat area.

Third House

The 3rd house represents your further extensions your younger siblings, brother and sisters, your courage, short travels, your communication skills, contacts, one’s utilization of knowledge. Person with strong 3rd house is often good with communication and can easily make many friends and contacts due to this ability. A malefic planet sitting in 3rd house may not give the person happiness from younger siblings. Among body parts 3rd house represents neck, shoulders, arms and the upper part of the chest.

Fourth House

The 4th house represents your mother, your assets like house, land, property, vehicles, etc. Dwelling properties, as well as others. For students just exposed to astrology this may come as a question that if 2nd house represents our family why does 4th represent mother. 2nd house is used to judge your family in general sense, whether one had good family life. Whereas, 4th house is used to judge only the characteristics of your mother, your relationship with her, her nature in general sense. And can also be used to judge her health issues too. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th form the Kendra and hence the lord of these houses are considered very good.

Fifth House

The 5th house is the house of creativity, child, love affair, higher education, risk taking. One can judge the characteristics of children, if one will have any children, boy or girl, quality of higher education one may receive, whether it will be smooth or with obstacles, one’s attitude towards affairs, creative expression it can be in any form not necessarily in arts only. The lord of 5th and 9th are considered very positive. But if malefics are deposited in 5th house generally means that the higher education of that person may not be very good or with hurdles. And the person may have to take external support for child bearing. One the other hand if the house and the lord is strong the person will be bestowed upon with good children and good education

Sixth House

The 6th house is one of the evil trines, including 8th and 12th. This house represents sickness, loan, enemies, litigation, court cases, servants. Among the negative things it also represents one’s job. It is very important for the 6th house to be strong for one to succeed in professional environment. All diseases arising due to wind, bile and phlegm are to be judged from this house. When the 6th house is weak a person most likely will have allergic diseases or weak stomach. Malefic planets in evil trine houses give better results than benefic planets, as they increase the negativity of the house.

Seventh House

The 7th house represents the house of partner. It is one of the important houses as the planet deposited in this house directly aspects the ascendant. (We will learn about aspection in the next chapter but as a rule all planets aspects the seventh house except rahu and ketu). This is partner house, partner means life partner as in husband and wife or business partner or boss in any cases these partner plays a very important role in one’s life. So it is good to have amicable and strong 7th. Success in one’s married life is judged by this house. Characteristics of the partner can also be judged from this house.

Eight House

The 8th house is one of the evil trine houses, and it represents longevity of a person. If 8th house is disturbed it causes issues like aches and pains, piles, hormonal issues, urinary diseases, depression, mental distress, delays, accidents, fracture, fear, etc. This house is considered for hereditary gains or sudden gains. This house is good for judging a person’s interest for occult sciences, under the ground things. This house is taken into consideration for politician.

Ninth House

The 9th house is the house of Bhagya your luck and destiny. It represents your spiritual/religious inclination, charity work, long journey, younger sibling of your spouse (3rd to 7th). It is one of the most positive house, a strong house makes one very lucky, pious, socially conscious and spiritually inclined. It is the house of dharma. It is a house for teaching, guidance and publishing. Planets deposited in 9th aspect 3rd house, hence depending on benefic aspection of male or female planets the person will have brother or sister.

Tenth House

The 10th house is the house of your karma. It states your direction in life. It is also the house of your father (7th to 4th), his characteristics and status. When the lord of 9th (bhagya) conjoins with the lord of 10th (karma) it is very auspicious and forms Raj Yog. Your 10th house is very important is judging one’s line of work, it is the house of business. It is the house of progress, responsibility and authority. It is house to judge success with one’s own efforts. If malefic planets are sitting in this house, it causes issues with father.

Eleventh House

The 11th house is the house of gain, fulfilment of desires. It represents once income, elder siblings, general affluence and prosperity. All gains are to be judged with this house. For example if a person asks you about child bearing you have to judge it with a combination of 2nd, 5th and 11th – as 5th is for child bearing, 2nd because your family is growing, and 11th because its fulfilment of desire and gain. So 11th is considered in any situation which benefits a person.

Twelfth House

The 12th house is the house of Moksha, loss, foreign travels – away from birthplace, medical expense, beyond control expenses, prison, hospitalization, difference of opinion, stubbornness, sexual enjoyment. It is one of the evil trine. A person with strong 12th house is often seen to have benefitted in foreign land, for if the person does not travel then all the negative impact can be seen. As this house is about loss it also helps one in losing one’s ego, transcending to a better self. This house also represents the path to moksha.

In short these are the various characteristics of each houses. Ofcourse only when you start predicting you would realize how these work together and what combination has to be seen for various questions. Once I have explained all the basic, I will move on to explaining examples so that with each example you will understand things better.

- Anshu Popli (Astrologer and Astroarchitect)

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Astrology – Characteristics of zodiac sign (part 2)

What is Kaal Purush kundli?

Kaal Purush kundli – you would hear this term many times while learning astrology. Kaal (time) Purush (man) – Kaal Purush is the cosmic being beyond time. It is the representation of the zodiac belt with Aries being the head and Pieces the feet. Kaal Purush kundli is based on the theory ‘yat pinde tat brahmande’. Human body is nothing but a replica of the universe ‘As above so below’. We all are a part of this cosmic being. Let’s take a look at the example to understand this  better : If at the time of your birth in the universe the sun is weak and the moon is in the strong position. The constituency of your body would be an exact replica of the constituency of the universe, which means you would have weak energy of the sun and strong moon.

This zodiac belt is like a large clock always moving – the movement is same but it shows different time and brings about change.

The question that comes to one’s mind is how did our ancestors came to the conclusion that Aries is the head and Pieces the leg. A zodiac belt is circular.. ok not completely circular, but still how does one find the starting point in a circular belt. There are many philosophical theories explaining this, but if you think logically also.. Aries has Sun (giver of life) in the strongest position and Saturn (taker of life) in the weakest position (we will discuss this in coming chapter). The starting point can only be the point when the giver of life is strongest and taker powerless.

So coming back to Kaal purush kundli. Kaal Purush kundli is the kundli of this cosmic being whose 1st house is always Aries, which helps in determining ones constituency. Below is the correspondence of various houses to different part of the body.

1st House –           Aries -                   Head (top portion)

2nd House –          Taurus –                Face and neck

3rd House –          Gemini –               Upper portion of chest and arms

4th House –          Cancer –               Heart, breasts, portion above the stomach

5th House –          Leo –                      Stomach, portion above the navel

6th House –          Virgo -                   Portion below navel and above basti*

7th House –          Libra –                    Basti*

8th House –          Scorpio –              Genitals, anus

9th House –          Sagittarius –        Thighs, hips

10th House –        Capricorn –          Knees, backs

11th House -        Aquarius -           Calves of legs

12th House –        Pisces -                 Feet


(*Basti – the space between navel and genitals when divided into two equal parts the lower part is called basti)

If any sign is weak or tenanted/aspected by malefic the corresponding part of the body will suffer with diseases. On the other hand if any sign is strong or tenanted/aspected by benefic the corresponding part of the body will be strong and healthy.

I have tried to explain the concept as simply as possible. You can always message below for any clarification and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

- Anshu Popli

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Astrology – Characteristics of Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Characteristics of Zodiac Signs

Let’s try and understand basic representation of each zodiac sign. Primarily the characteristics of the sign depends on the Lord of the sign, however there are many aspects in which these signs are unique.

ARIES – A Ram; Fighter, energetic, aggressive. The lord of this sign is Mars.

TAURUS – A Bull; Strong but calm, possessive, sincere. The lord of this sign is Venus.

GEMINI – Couple or Twins; A man and a women, indoor activities, communicative. The lord of this sign is Mercury.

CANCER – A Crab; Fluidic, emotional, watery, perfectionist. The lord of this sign is Moon.

LEO – A Lion; Brave, status, idealistic, dominating. The lord of this sign is Sun.

VIRGO – A Girl in a boat; Feminine, intelligent, calculative. The lord of this sign is Mercury

LIBRA – A man holding scales; Balancing act, diplomatic, harmony. The lord of this sign is Venus.

SCORPIO – A scorpion; Aggressive, Dynamic, secretive. The lord of this sign is Mars.

SAGITTARIUS – A archer or charioteer; Risky, daredevil, outdoor activities. The lord of this sign is Jupiter.

CAPRICORN – First Half like deer and latter like crocodile; Discipline and perseverance. The lord of this sign is Saturn.

AQUARIUS – A Man holding a pitcher; Loves common people and freedom, deep thinkers. The lord of this sign is Saturn.

PISCES – Two fishes with their head pointing in different directions; Saintly, intuitive and idealistic. The lord of this sign is Jupiter.

The basis characteristics of a person depends on the Ascendant(Self, personality), Moon sign(Mind) and Sun sign(Soul).

Movable and fixed signs

Movable                                              Fixed                                     Dual

1.Aries                                                  2.Taurus                               3.Gemini

4.Cancer                                              5.Leo                                     6.Virgo

7.Libra                                                   8.Scorpio                             9.Sagittarius

10.Capricorn                                       11.Aquarius                        12.Pisces


In a birth chart when the ascendant is a movable sign the native is fond of travelling or being outdoors, particularly if the lord of the ascendant is also in a movable sign. If the ascendant is in a fixed sign and the lord of the ascendant is also in a fixed sign, the native has more of a sedentary lifestyle. For dual signs it is believed that first 15degrees of a sign shows the characteristics of a fixed sign whereas the last 15degrees are more like movable signs.


Male and female signs

Male signs : 1.Aries, 3.Gemini, 5.Leo, 7.Libra, 9.Sagittarius and 11.Aquarius

Female sings : 2.Taurus. 4.Cancer, 6.Virgo, 8.Scorpio, 10.Capricorn and 12.Pisces

Male signs Ascendant native is dominating, active and aggressive. Female signs ascendant native is accommodating and passive. These are very general characterisation. A persons character not only depends on the ascendant sign one has to take into consideration Lord of the ascendant position, planets deposited in asc., aspects and moon, sun position.

I will continue this further in the next blog….

- Anshu Popli (Astrologer / Astroarchitect)

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Astrology – Zodiac Signs and Constellation

The main purpose of writing this blog is to simplify understanding of a birth chart and explain basic predictive astrology. I wish astrology was as simple as reading a book, but it isn’t.. No one can really put together all the combinations together. The reason astrology is termed as a Divine Science is because only the one blessed with the divine (a person truthful at heart) can truly get answers reading a Janampatri. But nonetheless it is a science. The most important thing of all is one must be able to see and judge all the elements in the chart individually and together. This comes with a lot of practice. So I would suggest, along with the theory start seeing horoscopes of your near and dear ones. See for any particular incidence in the past and try and understand why it must have happened. This is the simplest, most effective and easiest practice.

Birth Chart

Let’s start with understanding the constitution of the birth chart.

Zodiac Signs

With earth at the centre, the zodiac is the belt around the earth forming the pathway for all the planets to move along. This belt is limited by lines on either side extending to about 8°. This Zodiac is divided in twelve parts on the basis of certain fixed stars. In reality these stars are not fixed but there motion in so slow that for all practicality purpose we can count them as fixed. These 12 parts constitute the Zodiac Sign (Rashi’s). These Zodiac signs form the 12 houses of our kundli.


The movement of these signs are not a straight line but elliptical. Hence the distances are calculated in degrees. 1 degree is further divided in 60 minutes and 1 minute into 60 seconds. Each house occupies 30 degrees of longitude, thus completing full 360 degrees (30 x 12). The ruling planets of Zodiac signs is mentioned in the table below.


As mentioned earlier that these zodiac signs are formed by certain fixed stars, these fixed stars are called constellations or Nakshatra. We have a total of 27 such constellations. 27 divided by 360° so each constellation occupies 13 degree 20 minutes. Below is a list of constellation with their individual ruling planets. We will understand the concept of ruling planets little later


Zodiac Signs Ruling Planet Constellation Ruling Planet Degree – Minutes
Aries Mars Ashwini Ketu 00-00 to 13-20
Bharani Venus 13-20 to 26-40
Krittika Sun 26-40 to 30-00
Taurus Venus 30-00 to 40-00
Rohini Moon 40-00 to 53-20
Mrigashira Mars 53-20 to 60-00
Gemini Mercury 60-00 to 66-40
Ardra Rahu 66-40 to 80-00
Punarvasu Jupiter 80-00 to 90-00
Cancer Moon 90-00 to 93-20
Pushya Saturn 93-20 to 106-40
Ashlesha Mercury 106-40 to 120-00
Leo Sun Magha Ketu 120-00 to 133-20
Poorvaphalguni Venus 133-20 to 146-40
Uttaraphalguni Sun 146-40 to 150-00
Virgo Mercury 150-00 to 160-00
Hasta Moon 160-00 to 173-20
Chitra Mars 173-20 to 180-00
Libra Venus 180-00 to 186-40
Swati Rahu 186-40 to 200-00
Vishakha Jupiter 200-00 to 210-00
Scorpio Mars 210-00 to 213-20
Anuradha Saturn 213-20 to 226-40
Jyestha Mercury 226-40 to 240-00
Sagittarius Jupiter Moola Ketu 240-00 to 253-20
Poorvashadha Venus 253-20 to 266-40
Uttarashadha Sun 266-40 to 270-00
Capricorn Saturn 270-00 to 280-00
Shravana Moon 280-00 to 293-20
Dhanishta Mars 293-20 to 300-00
Aquarius Saturn 300-00 to 306-40
Shatabhisha Rahu 306-40 to 320-00
Poorvabhadrapad Jupiter 320-00 to 330-00
Pieces Jupiter 330-00 to 333-20
Uttarabhadrapad Saturn 333-20 to 346-40
Revati Mercury 346-40 to 360-00


[The above table is also very important while you are reading the Panchang]

If you see the line up of ruling planets of Nakshatra it is always in the following sequence Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. Starting from Ketu and ending at Mercury. One such set of Nakshatra’s comprise of one quadrant or a set of 4 houses. So from Aries to Cancer is called 1st Quadrant, Leo to Scorpio is called 2nd Quadrant and Sagittarius to Pieces is called 3rd Quadrant. Also I would suggest to by heart the sequence of planets from Ketu to Mercury as this sequence would be really beneficial for knowing the Dasha and Antardasha in the future.

We will learn about the characteristics of every zodiac sign in the next blog. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will try my best to get back to you.



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Astrology – Brief Introduction

I am starting with a series of blog to explain basic astrology for our readers as many have reached out to me to teach them this science, but teaching in itself being a dedicated line of work I found it difficult to take out time for the same. Writing blogs is my way of reaching out to all those people and sharing my experiences in this area. I will try my best to be as regular as possible but please do forgive me if there are any delays in these postings. To start with I would like to address the basic question

What is Astrology?

Spirituality aims at finding the purpose of life – Astrology gives you a blueprint

We all know astrology is one of the most ancient sciences. The existence of it goes as far back as the history of mankind. In the Rigveda, reference is made to a certain constellation of stars which could only have occurred ninety five thousand years ago. It’s a long long time ago!! So what is Astrology – is it study of stars, is it study of energies.

In the true sense Astrology is a science of fate or destiny, used for understanding various events on one’s life which were seen originating in the heavens. So it is not the study of stars – that is astronomy. Astrology studies the effect of the movement and energies of these stars on every living being of this planet. It is not only the original and foremost of the outer sciences, it is also the most important of the inner or spiritual sciences. Without astrology, that is, without understanding the significance of the movements of the heavens relative to our lives, there can be no true or integral knowledge. Our relationship with the stars mirrors our relationship with the cosmos and shows the secrets of our inner self.

If you believe in the theory of Karma, every soul at the birth decides the purpose of its birth, the lessons it is going to learn from this life. Both good and bad we experience in life are part of our soul’s journey. Every soul must experience these events to fulfil their true purpose. Hence I always say astrology is your guiding light when you are confused, and it should be used only for that. Astrology is nothing without the right karma!!

This universe is made up of 7 different colors, 7 different form of energies. All these energies pre-exist in our surroundings. When a child is born, the first light that hits the child has all these different energies in different levels and variations giving various qualities to the child. Does the birth chart is produced. Birth chart in real sense is nothing but understanding the position of all these energies at that particular moment when a child is born. And as we all know this moment is always decided by the child.

– Anshu Popli

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Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is a holy day for Hindus and Jains. It falls on the third Tithi (lunar day) of Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of the Indian month of Vaishakha and one of the most important days for Hindus. It is said that when the Lord wanted to create this world, the first word He uttered was Akshaya which means unlimited. Many people start their new ventures on this day. It is believed any new work done on this day will flourish and grow exponentially. This is the primary reason why people buy gold, as gold is believed to be the purest form of wealth.

Mythological connect

Kubera, the treasurer in Heaven received his wealth on this day from Shiva. It is on this day Lord Shiva blessed Goddess Lakshmi with wealth. In fact Lord Shiva made Kubera as Lord of wealth and Lakshmi as Goddess of wealth.

It is believed that Sri Vyasa started the composition of great epic Mahabharata.

This day is symbolized by god Vishnu. It is traditionally observed as the birthday of Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of god Vishnu.

According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began and the river Ganges, the most sacred river of India, descended to the earth from the heaven.

One of the most famous Akshaya Tritiya stories is the one of Lord Krishna and Sudama, his poor childhood friend. On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, Saudama came over to Krishna’s place looking for some financial help. As a gesture he wanted to give some gift to Krishna but sadly he only had a handful of poha(beaten rice). Krishna gladly accepted this gift from Sudama and really relished the poha. Krishna took great care of him and showered him with lot of respect. Sudama felt like a king. Overwhelmed by such hospitality Sudama was unable to ask for any favour and returned back. But to his astonishment when he reached home his home was converted to a palace and was filled with all the riches of this world. Sudama knew it was a blessing of Lord Krishna. Hence, Akshaya Tritiya became associated with wealth and material gains

Lord Sri Krishna visited Pandavas and blessed Yudishtar with the Akshaya Patram in which the food will never get over. They used to patram to feed all the needy poor.

Akshaya Tritiya” or “Day of Gold“.

No, this doesn’t mean gold buying day. This day is the 3rd moon that falls during Mid-April and Mid May every year, is considered to be the single most powerful day for charities. This is also a day when the Sun and the Moon are at their most lustrous state, which is considered most auspicious for any charity and benevolent acts. Bless the money or material that you are going to give away today and you could see that it multiplies many times over. “Feeding a starved human being and helping the poor with needed items are keys to receive material and spiritual blessings”. Giving on this day, therefore, produces great returns (even if one does not expect anything in return). If you have been planning on giving, this day is the day.

Rituals one can perform on this day

The mantra of goddess laxmi is given below chant it minimum 108 times

Om shreem hreem shreem kamale kamale praseed praseed

Om shrim hrim shrim mahalakshmyaye namah

Saudas Shri Sukt Path :

Saudas Shri Sukt path is a powerful pooja for wealth, happiness and overall prosperity. Performing it on Akshaya tritiya increases the effectiveness of this jaap. This pooja helps please Goddess Laxmi. It is chanted while praying on Shri Yantra, which is one of the most energetic yantra. It is known as king of all yantras. This pooja can be easily done at home and helps the person prosper all around and gain abundance. As a regular practice shri sukt path can be read once every friday.


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