The Spark of Venus!

Venus is the brightest celestial body visible from earth but usually this planet faces a lot of ill repute. If you ask me, I would say Venus stands for glory, pure love, wisdom and immortality. Venus is a planet known for its beauty and love, including how you love people or anything else in your life. On the surface however, Venus is glamorous, beautiful and attractive, and are known to be lovers of luxury. Basking in their beauty, they enjoy making the optimum use of clothes, jewellery, perfume and other finery to enhance their beauty.

In my personal opinion the negative qualities often associated with Venus are only effective if Venus is badly placed, not otherwise. Their only possible weakness is that they are emotional and like to lead a good life. In spite of being emotional, they are very good in the technical line of work related to computers and other online professions; these are all ruled by Venus. Medical sciences are also ruled by Venus and there is a good chance that they can be good doctors too. Being the colourful personality that they are, it isn’t surprising that they are usually successful and famous personalities.

Despite their infamy, which seems to precede them, the influence of this planet is rather good and can help one in achieving all round success in life. I have also noticed that people with a favourable Venus in their charts are able to fulfil most of their wishes because of the positive influence of the planet. A strong Venus in an individual’s horoscope can bring them a great level of fame and change the person’s life.

In astrology, the influence of Venus is to identify grace and creativity in a person and highlight their kindness, sensitivity and compassion. The placement of Venus in a person’s birth chart will highlight that individual’s emotional state and decisiveness. Venus rules the sign of Libra and Taurus and its influence does not only mean effect on appearance and beauty, it also influences mannerisms, speech and charisma possessed by an individual.

In my opinion, Venus is a beneficial planet and it would do an individual a great deal of good if they have a strong Venus in their natal charts. This planet helps them to lead a good life and can only have a negative impact if it is unfavourably placed. Friday is considered to be the lucky day for Venus and keeping in sync with the flashy and glamorous traits of this planet, the favourable precious stone is none other than diamond!

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The Balancing Act of Mercury

Mercury is not only the Financial Head element in the house of planets, it is also ‘the winged messenger of the Gods’, i.e., the expression of all the other planets. To simplify it further, Mercury is the planet that represents the human consciousness and also has the maximum effect on it. Those of us practicing astrology are keenly aware of the fact that Mercury is the planet that acts as the interpreter of the influence of other planets. Having studied astrology for many years now, I strongly believe in the positive effects of the planet Mercury and feel that it is a boon for those individuals who have favourable Mercury in their charts.

The positive influence of Mercury makes a person highly intelligent and efficient, and they can finish any tasks assigned to them on time because of their disciplined nature. It also imparts a mental stability to those under its influence, which makes these people balanced individuals. Consequently, once these people take a decision, they stand by it and are able to properly execute the same. It is this rational stability lent by Mercury that makes a person calculative as well. This planet also represents the principles of communication, thereby, governing schooling and learning processes. It also affects the rational thinking process of individuals, and those under the positive influence of Mercury tend to usually be accountants, auditors and in other such professions where logic, reasoning and practicality rule.

Another interesting aspect about the planet Mercury is the fact that being a representative of intellect and all things related to the mind, it is a gender neutral planet. This can be better explained if we analyze the three phases of the soul, namely, animal, human and spiritual. Out of these three phases, Mercury represents the phase which is neither animal nor entirely spiritual but a distinctly human spiritual nature. Thus, it represents the plane of pure mind, where gender distinctions are usually blurred, and hence, it aptly represents a dual character.

Mercury being the governing planet of logic and reasoning, people under the influence of this planet are usually practical and good at handling businesses and all money related matters. They are good with all kinds of trading work.

They are strategic thinkers and are very good with saving money and curtailing expenses. As Mercury signifies traits of dual character, when it rules your income positions, you can enjoy the benefits of dual income too. With so many pragmatic benefits of having Mercury on your side, I would suggest all of us should do the needful to be under the favourable influence of it. It will help to wear the gemstone emerald, as well as the colour green on Wednesdays as it is considered to be favourable for the planet Mercury.

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The Inspiring Wisdom of Jupiter

Jupiter is considered to be the King of Gods, according to Roman mythology, and is seen as a protector and guardian figure. It is also commonly referred to as the planet of royalty, culture and philosophy. Jupiter is an expansive planet and is believed to enable a person with the ability to make others listen to them. It is because of this that it is considered to be the ‘advisor planet’ and is endowed with the special name of ‘Guru’.

Jupiter is the planet seeking knowledge and wisdom and it also rules all aspects related to the education of a person. The moral compass of Jupiter is unwavering and this planet is known to govern the morality of individuals under its influence. Over the years, I have been witness to the high moral ground and idealism of individuals under the positive influence of Jupiter. I have also noticed that people influenced by this planet have a very strong sense of right and wrong and are less prone to committing anything that their sense of fairness or morality deems wrong.

One can also say that Jupiter stands for the best of what life holds with optimism, mental and spiritual growth, knowledge, wisdom, good fortune, joviality and prosperity all falling under its rule. The prospect of growth physically, intellectually, spiritually and materialistically is particularly heightened in Jupiter, further helping to acquire power and status in life. The great thing about Jupiter is that it does not limit its good fortune to itself and is always ready to help others because of its helpful and generous nature.

It is the most sociable of all planets and is endowed with great communication skills because of which it can easily connect with people. There is also an extremely insightful side to Jupiter which has the ability to see ahead of time and plan accordingly, based on their wisdom and knowledge. This ability to foresee future circumstances has made those under Jupiter thinkers ahead of their time and such people are also considered leaders who command respect due to their valuable ideals.

Looking at the virtues of the planet Jupiter, I am sure all of us want this planet to have a positive influence on our lives and help us to enrich ourselves. The first step towards pleasing the planet Jupiter could be wearing yellow on Thursdays, as this is the favourable colour and day for this planet. One can also try wearing yellow sapphire with the suggestion of an astrologer, as this can also have a positive impact on Jupiter.

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The Moon and its Myriad Moods

The radiance of the moon has enthralled us for ages and its beauty has left us amazed time and again. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Moon stands for the feminine aspect of life and denotes feminine qualities. Feminine aspects like caring, nurturing, healing, fertility and warmth are all associated with the moon and its celestial splendour. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss the motherly qualities of the moon, which is a great influencing factor in the lives of women all over the world.
In the house of planets, the moon is considered to be the motherly or wifely element that is dutiful and devoted. The moon represents the energies of a mother and her family, as well as wisdom, love, kindness, peace and wellbeing. The special factor that endows the moon with its nurturing quality is the fact that it is the conductor of the power lent by the Sun. It is this conduction quality that is believed to help the moon influence the personality of people. Known as the Queen of the night, the moon is worshipped not only for her beauty but also honoured as the giver of light and life.

The moon’s attributes are also vividly reflected in the nature of a mother. She is the giver of life, gentle, nurturing, sensitive as well as emotionally strong. A mother, just like the moon, has many sides to her and is a perfect multitasker, glorious in all her forms. It is the nature of the mother to be sacrificial and reliable. Thus, a mother is also an amalgamation of all the honourable qualities found due to the influence of the moon on feminine energies. Once more, I would like to remind you that the feminine energy mentioned here is irrespective of gender. A male can also display a high level of Moon energy in his horoscope and vice versa.
The moon is also known to influence fertility and abundance, and is known to help in fruition of actions. So far, we have discussed the positive aspects of the moon but now I would like to discuss how the moon also has an untamed side to itself and can cause ruination. If the moon is not well placed in an individual’s chart, it can cause hardships for them by causing a lot of restlessness and insecurity. In order to combat the ill placement of the moon, one can resort to wearing pearl as they are known to stabilize the influence of the moon. It is also advisable to wear the colour white on Monday as this is helpful in making the effects of the moon more positive.
All in all, it cannot be denied that the moon is the essence of all female energies which lies at the bottom of all sources of life. And all of us need to come together to respect and honour these energies, as well as the harbinger of these energies.

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Let The Sun Shine Upon You

The Sun or the “Father of Stars” is considered the sovereign monarch of our solar system. It is a common practice, particularly in India, for people to worship it as the Sun God. In Hindu mythology, the Sun is also considered the representation of the creator, symbolizing all things that are positive. It is because of the constructive and creative influence of the Sun that it enjoys an exalted position in Indian astrology.

As most of us are already aware, the position of the Sun at the time of birth is accorded much importance in astrology as this majorly influences the individual’s life and their personal horoscope.

Today, I would like to discuss how the Sun has a defining role in moulding the spirit of the individuals born under its influence. The Sun, being a primary energy source, is representative of the earth’s life force. Let me bring to your notice a fascinating fact; just as other planets revolve around the Sun in our solar system, our life also acquires its purpose from the Sun in our natal charts.

As you can see the sheer importance of the Sun, right from influencing our solar system’s planets to driving life on earth to even our horoscopes, let me also tell you the attributes of those born with a strong Sun influence.

The Sun is symbolic of being the administrative head, making the people under its influence capable leaders. Those born under the influence of the Sun are determined and decisive individuals, capable of attaining positions of responsibility and respect. Over the years, I have noticed that those under the influence of the Sun are also bestowed with other qualities of being ambitious, honourable, dignified and charitable but they are also very practical, to an extent. They are the ones who take responsibility of their family, they keep away from lies and have a strong will-power, because of which they are mostly considered as a role model to others. People with the Sun’s traits are righteous and stay away from wrong doings; they are disciplinarian in nature and therefore are very likely to land up in roles of authority where they are in charge of making the rules.

The Sun’s energy is masculine, however, it is very important to note that the Sun energy mentioned here is irrespective of gender, for instance, a female family member can also have a high level of Sun energy in her horoscope and vice versa.

According to me, one of the most fascinating qualities that people with strong Sun traits have is the ability to attain self-realization. The self-realization acquired with the help of the Sun leads us to a purposeful direction in our life.

I would also like to mention here that the purpose of one’s life can also be determined by examining the position of the Sun in their birth chart. It is also worthwhile to note that the Sun governs certain health aspects like the upper portion of the back, heart and the eyes. Thus, a favourable sun helps one lead a prosperous and wholesome life. For those of you whose Sun is not well placed, I advise wearing colours like gold and red, which are considered favourable colours for the Sun. To enhance the effect of sun in one’s life, many a times ruby is advised but it is advisable only if the sun is well posited in one’s chart. The safest way of enhancing the positive traits of the sun is to pour water to the sun daily while chanting ‘Om Ghrihni Namah’. This can be done by anyone and everyone.

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The Power of Red

The concept of a colour’s energy has always fascinated me because of its unique ability to sustain life. It is also one of those theories whose veracity has been questioned time and again but now this concept has also been backed up scientifically, putting to rest the constant speculation behind its existence.

To acquaint the readers to this concept, let me first tell you how a colour’s energy works. We are all aware about the fact that light is the most important energy source for most forms of life. Its importance stems from the fact that it travels through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which in turn influences our entire biochemical function. This biochemical functions can be carried out with the aid of light as many of you might be already aware; because of the energy found in the frequency of each colour which has a nutritive effect. This way each colour in the spectrum has the power to influence our body and mind, both positively and negatively.

Today, I am going to throw some light on the energy of the colour red, which is one of the most powerful colours of the colour spectrum. It is the colour of blood, the very source of life and vitality. This is the reason why red is used to bring about an increase in enthusiasm and energy, wherever needed. The energy of the colour red can be used to harness power, courage and also to strengthen the body. If used properly, its energy can also be used for protection from fears and anxieties.

The colour red is symbolic of fire and thereby is also considered to be representative of divine energy, which can be both destructive and creative. This energy, if balanced properly, can bring joy and excitement in one’s life. It is interesting to note how the colour red is symbolic of different things in different cultures. In India, it is the colour associated with auspicious events like marriage, whereas for the Chinese, it is the colour of luck and happiness. In the West, it is the colour of courage, passion, love and romance. But it is also advisable to use the energies of this colour in moderation because too much of it can bring about restlessness, and over-stimulation.

Here’s an interesting fact I’m sure not a lot of people are aware of; why are carpets at events red? This is because the colour red has the unique quality to ward off negativity. You can understand why this is an important trait for red carpet events! People are rushed, celebrities are late, plans are compromised and emergency situations may arise… so on and so forth! This is exactly why red is used, to keep us positive and upbeat, while warding off other irritations.

Personally, I am very keen to use colour energy wherever possible and red remains a special favourite for its ability to bring fresh energies, stimulation and the power to energize.

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More Oxygen for a Better Life!

Science has proven that a number of factors are responsible for our existence. One of the prime factors is air and to be more precise, oxygen. It is the life force that not just keeps us alive, but also influences the energies around us.

Since the ancient age, a lot of beliefs have been prevalent in India. Some people negate these beliefs as superstitious; however, some of them do have some sound scientific reasoning behind them.

Let’s consider the first example, that of a cow, which is considered to be sacred in India. During various festivals in India, there is a tradition of worshipping cows throughout the country. Have you ever wondered where this belief originated from and why this practise is followed? Yes, the answer does have a scientific grounding – it is because cows produce more oxygen than any other animal in the world! When cows exhale oxygen, it is not in O2 form that can combine with carbon to form CO2, which is considered a waste gas to humans. So, in this way, they do give out more oxygen.

Now let’s talk about the river Ganges, it is India’s holiest river and is considered to be highly auspicious. This also can be attributed to the fact that the Ganges is very rich in oxygen levels and can quickly renew and purify its water, thus remaining fresh for a long time.

When we speak about more oxygen for our respiration needs, how can we not talk about trees? Trees exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. However, the Peepal tree is known to exhale oxygen throughout the day and even at night! It is for this reason that it is considered ideal for meditation by holy people. The famous ‘Bodhi’ tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment is none other than a Peepal tree. As this tree gives large amount of oxygen, it helps purify one’s thoughts and the environment around, which is apt for meditation.

Thus, an adequate amount of oxygen is favourable when we are looking to lead a healthy and harmonious life.

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Colours Empowering Married Women in India

Indian weddings are perhaps the most lively and colourful of all weddings around the world. A lot of attention is paid to the attire and jewellery being worn by the bride and the bridegroom, as well as the guests. But the maximum amount of importance is given to the colours of the clothes of the bride during and after marriage, as these colours symbolize the meaning of marriage and the period after it.

In Indian culture, colours hold a very important place and most auspicious occasions are inextricably linked to the brighter colours like red, yellow, orange, green, etc. Indian brides usually wear red, as it stands for the colour of ‘Shakti’, which is the strength embodied in females. Red is also a colour which denotes good luck and prosperity, as well as new beginnings. Along with these, according to astrology, the planet of marriage is Mars. Incidentally, it is also red in colour, signifying prosperity, fertility, strength and vigour.

For an Indian bride, marriage means the beginning of a new chapter in her life and a very significant change. She has to leave the security of her parents’ house and start building her own family in a new surrounding. It’s a phase of her life where she will require positive energy and maintain an aura that can help her adjust to her new life.

It is to address this need that she is advised to wear bright and cheerful colours, along with ornaments like bangles and anklets, which make pretty and pleasant sounds. In India, brighter colours stand for qualities like auspiciousness, purity, prosperity, happiness, competence and peace of mind. Some bright colours like yellow are also known to help in warding off evil spirits or negative energy, which is considered crucial for a newly wedded bride.

As for items of jewellery, like bangles and anklets, it is necessary to wear them because they make a soft harmonizing sound, which produces positive energy around them. It is the creation of this positive sound energy that wind chimes are also considered favourable in a house.

Thus, the reason for being a brightly attired newly married Indian woman goes beyond mere decorative purposes and carries a deeper meaning. Hence, colours are essential instruments that help the new bride harness positive energies that she will need for this new and substantial journey of her life.

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The Science Behind The Dome

A dome is an architectural structure that is built to resemble the hollow upper half of a sphere. Domes are a common feature of constructions all around the world, but they are most often used for religious structures. Have you ever wondered why? As usual, the answer can be found at the base of all existence – energy! That’s right; energy is the reason why many prominent religious sites feature a dome atop their religious framework.

If you have ever stepped into a religious structure featuring a high dome, you will notice a feeling of awe and wonder. This is no coincidence as domes are believed to have the unique ability to accumulate the energy of a place and being a holy place, the energies are bound to be peaceful and calming. It is this accumulated energy that is able to provide people the feeling of comfort, peace, lightness and rejuvenation.

Holy sites are the best places to experience these strong and palpable sacred energies and domes only serve to enhance this phenomenon. Religious sites generate a lot of sound energy (in the form of bells, chimes, etc.), light energy (in the form of candles), and Ether (in the form of incense). This energy is eventually collected in the dome or high ceiling, which is one of the reasons people feel a sense of calm and security when they enter a religious place.

It’s interesting to note that the form of a dome also represents the earth’s dome, or the spherical form of the sky around us. In ancient times, people often believed the sky to be a protective dome over the earth which was placed as a protective barrier between them and the stars, sun and the heavens. Thus, the dome also serves to inspire such thoughts of heaven and ascension to the devotees. This is why the inside surfaces of these domes feature decorations of paradise, saints, and other heavenly symbols.

Energy, hence, is an element that provides us with the pace required for a fast life, and at the same time, is also capable of showering us with peace and harmony. Domes are just an efficient extension of containing and transferring these nourishing energies.

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