What is Gemstone therapy

You all must have heard a lot about gemstone therapy. Infact you might be wearing a gemstone right now for astrological purposes or as a piece of jewelry. But do you know what does a gemstone do? Or how it affects a human body?

The first light that touches the body at the time of the birth is made of seven colors. As per astrology their are mainly seven planets that affect our life. These planets possess their own rays of different intensity and color. For eg: The sun emits red and warm rays where as the moon emits white and cool rays. Similarly other planets emit their own rays of different colors. All these rays together form the white light which encompasses the solar system. Based on the individual horoscope we can ascertain the deficiency of a particular planet and accordingly prescribe similar colored stone.

Gemstone has the power to absorb light from the atmosphere and pass it on to your body. Thus helping out the person to ward off the deficiency created at the time of birth. The concept is similar to that of people with Vitamin D deficiency being asked to stand in early morning sun. With gemstones the light breaks down into the exact colored light that is required for you does helping you to heal.

This is the basic concept of Gemstones and why they are prescribed. Hope this helps. But if you still have any furthur questions post them below and I will get back to you.

Like a living person, every structure has its own unique energy. For a successful life, one must match their horoscope with the space that one lives in.

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Hoping for a better future for Astrology

Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences. The existence of it goes as far back as the history of mankind. In the Rigveda, reference is made to a certain constellation of stars which could only have occurred ninety-five thousand years ago. NINETY FIVE THOUSAND years, thats a long long time. Infact at that time it was much more advanced than it is now. What happened in between? Why from being a pure science it has turned to superstition to occult science? These are few big questions which are still unanswered in my mind.

Astrology has followers and numerous believers but still at the same time it is ignored. It does not have the same shine and lustre as any other western field of science. Why do we Indians as a community have so less faith in our own Indian heritage? Mostly astrologers are seeked only when there are troubles or for match making. But what about mere fact of having a harmonious life. To be in tune with the energy of the stars. To be on the right path of your soul.

Paracelsus, a swiss physician, gave birth to the discovery that man becomes ill only when the harmonious relationship between himself and the constellation of stars at his birth somehow breaks down. This discovery was made about 500 years ago. Paracelsus did very significant work in this connection. He would not prescribe medicine to any patient until he had seen his kundli, his astrological birth chart. He was able to cure a patient who could not be cured by any other physician. He used to say, “Until I know the position of the stars at the time of this man’s birth, it is not possible to know the notes of his inner harmony. And unless I know the arrangement of his inner harmony how can I make this man healthy?” Today 500 years later, scientists are trying to re-discover this art.

This is just one such example. There has been a tremendous amount of work involving some great names researching on all aspects of astrology in the past. But NOW is a great time. NOW is a time of faith. Many scientists all around the world are seeing and proving the art from our heritage. And I see brighter and a bigger future of Astrology.

What a day it would be when astrology will be taught as a mainstream subject in colleges.

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Tips for Positive Energy

Many people keep asking me about vaastu shastra tips that they should follow in their homes and offices. And I keep insisting that I am not a Vaastu consultant, but yes there are some generic tips that I believe can be helpful if you are constructing your own independent house.

Once again, I cannot insist enough that the following generic vaastu shastra tips are only applicable if you are getting your own house built; please do not take these as tips or remedies that I would generally provide after creating an astrological chart of your premises as I balance the already existing positive and negative energies of that place. Read more about the science I practice at

So, here we go:

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Plants for Positive Energy

Out of the few things that I often suggest, placement of plants is one of the most important things. Why plants? How do they help? How do plants affect the surrounding energy?

I am sure that all of us have experienced that at times after meeting a certain person we feel completely drained and exhausted; and on the other hand there are some people who just always make us more cheerful and happy no matter how bad we were feeling earlier. Why do these people have such profound impact on us? Well, it’s because of the different aura or energy flow every human being possesses. If the energy flow of the other person clashes with our energy flow, we feel drained; if it enhances our energy flow, we feel more energetic. Similarly every living being has its own energy field.

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Balancing Energies at your Home and Office

Though what I practice is very personalized and specific to a particular premises, here are some general tips to balance positive and negative energies at your home and office. You may call these as feng shui tips as some of the elements are derived from it:

  1. Drooping Money Plant: It’s one of the simplest ways to get rid of the negative energies. Plants breathe and hence take away the negative energy in the house when placed in the right area. The plant should be drooping or flowing from the pot rather than winding from grills.
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Astro-Architecture: Is it like Vastu or Feng Shui?

One question that I am asked every time I meet someone new is whether I am a Vastu or a Feng Shui expert. Well, I am neither as what I practice, Astro-Architecture, is a more personalized science compared to the general remedies provided by Vastu or Feng Shui.

In India, Vastu Shastra for house is so common that people before buying any property refer to books and consultants to find a suitable place which adheres to the general vastu shastra tips. Similarly, many shops have cropped up in recent times which sell products like wind chimes, bamboo plants, gemstones etc. to attract believers of Feng Shui tips and Astro remedies. The reach of these sciences is much bigger and greater as they are very generalized. However, how effective they are in providing desired results is a completely different question.

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Is the world really ending on 21st December?

This is a question that is being asked to me quite often these days. It just proves how much everyone is in fear of this date. I don’t blame them, one is exposed to various prophecies especially on Internet and western media on how the humanity is ending – about the end of Mayan Calendar, about the Earth pole shifting, about the mysterious planet Nibiru hitting the earth, etc etc.. I am not going to get into the details of these things as you can read all of that on various websites if you like. But as per our Vedic astrology, there is no specific significance attached to 21st December 2012 as there is no planetary transition happening on this particular day. In fact, we had the same planetary alignment in 1990 and nothing drastic happened. The world as we call it is definitely not coming to an end. So please put aside all your fears.

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My upcoming talk on Astro-Architecture

Season’s Greetings!

I would like to cordially invite you to my Free Seminar on “Astro-Architecture: Every House has a Horoscope” on Thursday, 29th November, 6:30 pm, at Epicentre Gurgaon; or on Friday, 30th November, 7 pm, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

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