Why is daily worship important?

Why is daily worship important?

As we are progressing in our lives, we are becoming more and more busy. And this busy lifestyle has resulted in us compromising in many important aspects of our lives. One such habit that all our elders had but most of us today don’t mainly due to lack of time is the habit of worshipping daily.

I am not talking about elaborate rituals but just 5 mins in front of our Gods. Why is this 5 mins important in one’s life.

5 mins of worship can have many subtle benefits on one’s mental health and peacefulness. What are the few things people pray about.

  •          Sharing one’s worry
  •          Being grateful for all one has or Sharing one’s happiness
  •          Or sharing one’s confusion

Mostly we like to share our worries with the higher power. When you pray with faith because you know there is someone other than you who has the power to heal all your issues. It helps you take the stress of it better. It gives you hope, it gives you trust that all will be well in the end. And this hope and trust is a big thing specially when one is going through tough times. It not only helps you look for better solutions but also cope with acceptance of situation.

Besides this it also teaches us to be humble, it teaches us to be grateful. You can open your heart out without any fear of judgement and while doing so your own intuition will guide you to the right path.

Hence, just 5 mins of worship can have immense amount of mental health benefits. But this 5 mins be present, do little but do with your full heart and dedication and see the positivity rise.

Even Astroarchitecture or Traditional Vaastu have special places for one’s temple. Since it is important to have good energy around it for the benefit of the worshipper.

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