Client Testimonials

“I think the lady is delightful! I can vouch for Neeta because I sent her to several friends and acquaintances, and they have all got back to me with very favourable reports. There has been a definite improvement in their situations after what Neeta has done.”

- Karan Johar, Indian filmmaker

“There definitely is an improvement in the quality of our lives since Neeta Sinha came. What I really like about her is that she is such a positive person and has become like a family physician who regularly calls to enquire whether a particular remedy is effective or not.”

- Kiron Kher, Indian film actress

“Neeta ji has advised us in planning and development of our various properties like architects and designers. She has helped us treat truly world class hotels which have been consistently rated among the top in all aspects.”

- Arun Saraf (Owner- Grand Hyatt Hotels)

Neeta ji is a master of her art. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she has a very practical approach. We have worked with her on all our projects and always refer to her when we do something new.

- Raman Macker (Restaurateur: Aurus, Cinnabons, Tangy Noodles, Sanchos)

Astro-Architecture is a new angle to the powers of Cosmic Energy for a purposeful, progressive, happy and successful personal and professional life. Neeta Sinha is the best to sail you through rough weather.

- Dr Himanshu Mehta (Ophthalmologist: Vission Eye Centre)

Neeta ji is a wonderful human being. Her concepts are different from traditional Vaastu and bring in positive energy. After implementation, I have started getting positive results and feel much more confident. I believe in her.

- Rajeev Jhawar (Chairman, Usha Martin Industries and Prabhat Khabar)

“I never knew that simple things like mirrors, colours and plants could change my life for the better until Neeta Sinha walked into it. Not following her suggestions comes with a statutory warning: ‘Can be injurious to health, wealth and mental peace!’, and I have been reprimanded a couple of times by her for failing to do so.

Neeta ji, over the years, has become an important part of my family and somebody whose advice I depend on to constantly bring positivity and harmony in my life. I have complete faith in her science and would recommend it to everyone who wants a happy home!”

- Gurleen Raheja (Wedding Planner)

Neeta Sinha changed, rectified and diverted many a disaster in my life! I believe in fate but I feel blessed to have Neeta ji in my life who is part of my family after almost 14 years since I first met her. I don’t breathe without her approval and am thankful for everything she has done for me over the years. She has been that instrument and part of my destiny which I feel blessed to have had. She is someone who brings so much positivity and hope which manifests itself. She is a terrible business woman and has always used her very special gift to help people. One of the most non commercial people I know, whose intention is only to bring about happiness peace and success in her clients lives whose lives she becomes an integral part of. I have benefited so very much over the years with her very simple and easy-to-do implementations. I feel only gratitude and immense love for Neeta ji.

- Kalyani Chawla (Entrepreneur and VP Marketing and PR, Dior India)