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Like a living person, every structure has its own unique energy. For good living and a successful life, one must match his horoscope with that of the space he works or lives in. We, as living beings, can instinctively know when our environment is surrounded by or subjected to negative and positive vibrations. Some premises pull down our energy, while others uplift us, buying a new property sometimes brings in a lot of problems and sometimes a lot of success, sometimes we might achieve success, but we lack mental peace or family harmony, etc. These are just examples of how a particular premise affects your daily life. Different sectors in a premise affect different areas of our lives.

To balance these energies, you don’t have to go through any major shifts or structural changes. Astro-architecture, a fusion of astrology and architectural dimensions, is one such research-led science that helps in balancing the energies between a premise and the people living or working in it.

There are simple and minor remedies that one can apply to enhance the positive energies, thereby improving the quality of one’s life.

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