Payment Gateway Mandate


Customers must ensure they are using correct browser with appropriate configurations. Please find few samples for your reference.

How to enable TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer?

  • Go to Tools in the top menu bar of the IE browser
  • Go to Internet Options -> Advanced Tab ->Under security, Check Use TLS 1.2
  • Google Chrome Supported Versions: Google Chrome 30 to 42. Versions below 30 do not support TLS 1.2.

Internet Explorer Supported Versions: Internet Explorer 9 (on Windows 7 or Server 2008 v R2 only), Internet Explorer 10 (on Windows 8 and Server 2012 only) and Internet Explorer 11.

How to enable TLS 1.2 in Google Chrome?

  • Go to Chrome settings or type chrome://settings/ in the Chrome browser.
  • Click on show Advanced setting
  • Under Network section, click on Change proxy settings.
  • Go to Advanced tab, under security section enable TLS 1.2

How to enable TLS 1.2 in Firefox?

  • Go to Tools in the top menu bar of the Firefox browser Go to Options -> Advanced Tab ->Encryption -> Check Use TLS 1.2
  • NOTE: If you don’t see the encryption tab, follow steps mentioned below to enable TLS 1.2:
  • Type in about:config in the address bar and move past the warning.

In the search, type tls Set the security.tls.version.max=3 Set the security.tls.version.min=3

Firefox Supported Versions: Firefox 26 onwards supports TLS 1.2
We would be happy to help you ensure compatibility in any way we can. Please feel free to get in touch with us at in case of any concerns. In case you wish to speak to us you may call 022-67425555 EXT: 401-409