To balance the energies of a place there are a few remedies that are used in Astro- Architecture. These simple remedies although minor, create a major impact in diminishing or enhancing the energy sectors.



Red is the most powerful and attractive color in the universe. It represents internal force, vitality, love, aggression, attraction and danger. Hence one should carefully use this color only in the positive corners of their premises as it attracts and amplifies energy. Its necessary to understand that only red in its purest form (Ferrari Red) is that effective. Using this color in the negative areas is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Orange and Yellow

Bright Orange or Yellow is useful to neutralize energies. They have a quality to absorb and hence should be used in negative corners for reducing the negativity. Also it helps liven up dark and dingy places.


Plants are the simplest way to get rid off or increase energies in respective areas of a premise. I generally recommend drooping money plants in negative areas to ward off the energy reasons being:

  1. Money plants stays well indoors.
  2. The plant, unlike most, grows from its tips and not the roots hence bringing down with it the energy level of the area its kept in.

Similarly, an upwards-growing plant helps in increasing the energy of the area. Hence it is recommended to place it in positive areas.


‘Attraction goes energy flows’, is the first rule of balancing. Mirrors are not only the most attractive cause of its reflective quality but also it is the only thing which doubles the energies immediately caused by the depth it creates. In Astro Architecture, the direction and the place where the mirror has to be placed is very important as it significantly affects the energy.


Water energy is considered to bring good luck and cash flow if kept in a proper place. It is a very powerful source of energy and hence is an in Astro architecture. Though some may consider it only for ornamental purposes, their true function is to enhance the positive energy of a place. Water features like a fish tank or fountain may be used for this purpose. It is important that it should be flowing water, as without movement there is no energy.


Wind chimes is sound energy and it has got very important quality attached to it because it plays with the body of the person as well as it is useful in clearing the atmospheric clutter. The sound vibrations of wind chime helps in cleansing one’s atmosphere. Naturally, wind chimes are best placed near a window, as they should be ringing constantly. The concept is similar to our ancient customs of women wearing payal or hanging keys on their waist, or the bell used at temples and home mandirs, the constant ringing of which helped in improving the energy. It is again important to note one cannot pace wind chimes in negative sectors.

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