What is Astro-Architecture?

Astro-Architecture – the science behind house horoscopes – is about creating the balance between living persons and their spaces.

All ancient sciences like Astrology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Yoga, etc. were discovered to keep us connected to the energies of life. Times changed and evolved, creating the need for these sciences to adapt and evolve along with it. But the rigidity of the rules and applications of Vaastu and Feng Shui, which were
practical for the ancient times, became inapplicable and impractical for the modern world. Thus, was discovered Astro-architecture. It’s a unique science based on the belief that a man’s persona affects his environment and vice versa.

Astro-Architecture, as the name suggests, is the application of the laws of astrology to the dimensions of architecture. The science was researched, pioneered, developed and put into practice by Neeta Sinha. A renowned global practitioner in the fields of horoscopy and astrology, Neeta Sinha fashioned a path-breaking theory of her own – that every house has a horoscope.

The workings of this science follow and combine the basic laws of meta-physics and occult sciences to create a balance between an individual and his premises. Similar to the personal horoscope found in astrology, different corners of a premise have different energy forces, in turn affecting different segments of an individual’s life. The application of Astro-Architecture helps in maintaining a balance between them to enhance prosperity, peace and positivity.

This unique science, involving small and simple remedies, has steadily been attracting believers, enthusiasts and evangelists over the past two decades from all over the globe.

To balance the energies of a place, there are a few remedies that are used in Astro- Architecture. These simple remedies, although minor, create a major impact in diminishing or enhancing the energy sectors.