Is the world really ending on 21st December?

This is a question that is being asked to me quite often these days. It just proves how much everyone is in fear of this date. I don’t blame them, one is exposed to various prophecies especially on Internet and western media on how the humanity is ending – about the end of Mayan Calendar, about the Earth pole shifting, about the mysterious planet Nibiru hitting the earth, etc etc.. I am not going to get into the details of these things as you can read all of that on various websites if you like. But as per our Vedic astrology, there is no specific significance attached to 21st December 2012 as there is no planetary transition happening on this particular day. In fact, we had the same planetary alignment in 1990 and nothing drastic happened. The world as we call it is definitely not coming to an end. So please put aside all your fears.

However, having said that, during the time period till January 8th, the planetary alignments are not in very favorable conditions. So, the coming days are going to be a little heavier on everyone. Chances of small accidents are high. One should take necessary precautions. Aggression or anger would be higher among people. So my advice is please be careful during this time and postpone taking any major decisions. Do not get into unnecessary arguments or fights as it will cause you more harm.

As every coin has two sides, the current planetary alignment has a positive aspect as well – it marks an inclination toward spirituality. I believe that during this time period, if one finds the right guidance, it could bring about a lot of transformation – even minds of criminals can be reformed. But by saying this, I definitely don’t mean a complete shift in consciousness as it is being highlighted. Let’s get our perspective right. One incident can never be responsible for a change in the way humanity functions. It has to be over a period of time. We all agree that there is a positive change in consciousness. We all are slowly moving towards a time of higher consciousness. But we still have many more years to see a complete transformation.

Be careful, be positive, have faith and everything will be just fine… God Bless!!!

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