Astro-Architecture: Is it like Vastu or Feng Shui?

One question that I am asked every time I meet someone new is whether I am a Vastu or a Feng Shui expert. Well, I am neither as what I practice, Astro-Architecture, is a more personalized science compared to the general remedies provided by Vastu or Feng Shui.

In India, Vastu Shastra for house is so common that people before buying any property refer to books and consultants to find a suitable place which adheres to the general vastu shastra tips. Similarly, many shops have cropped up in recent times which sell products like wind chimes, bamboo plants, gemstones etc. to attract believers of Feng Shui tips and Astro remedies. The reach of these sciences is much bigger and greater as they are very generalized. However, how effective they are in providing desired results is a completely different question.

What I practice is achieved by drawing an astrological chart of the premises, be it residential or commercial, based on who owns or rents that particular property, and/or the nature of business being conducted there. Hence Astro-Architecture becomes a very personalized science. As per this science, the same house may give different results to different people. We have so many examples where in the same property, one owner lost everything while the next one flourished. The same goes with the apartments or offices in a high rise building having the same architectural built but giving different results to each of its inhabitants. Another thing to note here is that I do not advise any structural changes whatsoever, which is the most common vastu remedy suggested by its proponents. Remedies suggested by me are very easy to implement as well as cost effective.

Just like in astrology remedies are given based on strong and weak areas in one’s horoscope, similarly I balance energies of a particular premises based on its positive and negative sectors. Whether it is related to marriage, child, income, studies, health, business, prosperity, career, loan, peace, relationships or any other area of personal or professional interest, desired results can be achieved through Astro-Architecture. In fact, where astrological remedies take long to show their effect, balancing house energies bring instant results. Sometimes just in a matter of a week!

Because of its effectiveness, accuracy and ease of implementation, Astro-Architecture is slowly but surely creating a buzz and I hope one day it will be considered as important as the always in and famous Astrology.

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