Let The Sun Shine Upon You

The Sun or the “Father of Stars” is considered the sovereign monarch of our solar system. It is a common practice, particularly in India, for people to worship it as the Sun God. In Hindu mythology, the Sun is also considered the representation of the creator, symbolizing all things that are positive. It is because of the constructive and creative influence of the Sun that it enjoys an exalted position in Indian astrology.

As most of us are already aware, the position of the Sun at the time of birth is accorded much importance in astrology as this majorly influences the individual’s life and their personal horoscope.

Today, I would like to discuss how the Sun has a defining role in moulding the spirit of the individuals born under its influence. The Sun, being a primary energy source, is representative of the earth’s life force. Let me bring to your notice a fascinating fact; just as other planets revolve around the Sun in our solar system, our life also acquires its purpose from the Sun in our natal charts.

As you can see the sheer importance of the Sun, right from influencing our solar system’s planets to driving life on earth to even our horoscopes, let me also tell you the attributes of those born with a strong Sun influence.

The Sun is symbolic of being the administrative head, making the people under its influence capable leaders. Those born under the influence of the Sun are determined and decisive individuals, capable of attaining positions of responsibility and respect. Over the years, I have noticed that those under the influence of the Sun are also bestowed with other qualities of being ambitious, honourable, dignified and charitable but they are also very practical, to an extent. They are the ones who take responsibility of their family, they keep away from lies and have a strong will-power, because of which they are mostly considered as a role model to others. People with the Sun’s traits are righteous and stay away from wrong doings; they are disciplinarian in nature and therefore are very likely to land up in roles of authority where they are in charge of making the rules.

The Sun’s energy is masculine, however, it is very important to note that the Sun energy mentioned here is irrespective of gender, for instance, a female family member can also have a high level of Sun energy in her horoscope and vice versa.

According to me, one of the most fascinating qualities that people with strong Sun traits have is the ability to attain self-realization. The self-realization acquired with the help of the Sun leads us to a purposeful direction in our life.

I would also like to mention here that the purpose of one’s life can also be determined by examining the position of the Sun in their birth chart. It is also worthwhile to note that the Sun governs certain health aspects like the upper portion of the back, heart and the eyes. Thus, a favourable sun helps one lead a prosperous and wholesome life. For those of you whose Sun is not well placed, I advise wearing colours like gold and red, which are considered favourable colours for the Sun. To enhance the effect of sun in one’s life, many a times ruby is advised but it is advisable only if the sun is well posited in one’s chart. The safest way of enhancing the positive traits of the sun is to pour water to the sun daily while chanting ‘Om Ghrihni Namah’. This can be done by anyone and everyone.

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