The Inspiring Wisdom of Jupiter

Jupiter is considered to be the King of Gods, according to Roman mythology, and is seen as a protector and guardian figure. It is also commonly referred to as the planet of royalty, culture and philosophy. Jupiter is an expansive planet and is believed to enable a person with the ability to make others listen to them. It is because of this that it is considered to be the ‘advisor planet’ and is endowed with the special name of ‘Guru’.

Jupiter is the planet seeking knowledge and wisdom and it also rules all aspects related to the education of a person. The moral compass of Jupiter is unwavering and this planet is known to govern the morality of individuals under its influence. Over the years, I have been witness to the high moral ground and idealism of individuals under the positive influence of Jupiter. I have also noticed that people influenced by this planet have a very strong sense of right and wrong and are less prone to committing anything that their sense of fairness or morality deems wrong.

One can also say that Jupiter stands for the best of what life holds with optimism, mental and spiritual growth, knowledge, wisdom, good fortune, joviality and prosperity all falling under its rule. The prospect of growth physically, intellectually, spiritually and materialistically is particularly heightened in Jupiter, further helping to acquire power and status in life. The great thing about Jupiter is that it does not limit its good fortune to itself and is always ready to help others because of its helpful and generous nature.

It is the most sociable of all planets and is endowed with great communication skills because of which it can easily connect with people. There is also an extremely insightful side to Jupiter which has the ability to see ahead of time and plan accordingly, based on their wisdom and knowledge. This ability to foresee future circumstances has made those under Jupiter thinkers ahead of their time and such people are also considered leaders who command respect due to their valuable ideals.

Looking at the virtues of the planet Jupiter, I am sure all of us want this planet to have a positive influence on our lives and help us to enrich ourselves. The first step towards pleasing the planet Jupiter could be wearing yellow on Thursdays, as this is the favourable colour and day for this planet. One can also try wearing yellow sapphire with the suggestion of an astrologer, as this can also have a positive impact on Jupiter.

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