What brought me to Astro-Architecture?

My fascination for the occult and the passion to explore it further grew when my paths crossed with the Late Dr. L.N. Kusuma, a student of K.S. Krishnamurthy – a renowned homeopath and one of the greatest cosmic research scientists. Earlier, I was a non-believer of the science. However, his accurate predictions regarding my life not only stunned me but also ignited a powerful desire to learn the science.

It was 30 years ago on a fateful Sunday, I was running pillar to post with my three month-old son to find a doctor for him. He was very ill and I needed a doctor immediately. All clinics were shut as it was a Sunday. So, having no other option left, I had to visit my neighbour, Dr. L.N. Kusuma, a Homeopath. He gave my baby some medicine and he got better pretty soon. I felt so obliged at that moment and since we were neighbours, we started frequenting each other’s houses soon after. I would often see him calculating on bits of papers and it intrigued me to know what he was so engrossed in. When he told me he was working on astrological charts and trying to explore the science behind it, my first reaction was dismissive. I didn’t believe him. He asked me to join his research and I laughed it off saying I would never get into this. However, when Dr. Kusuma gave three extraordinary predictions about my life, and all of them came true to my utter surprise, I had a change of heart. I wanted to learn the science now and experience the power behind it. I soon became his scholar and then, there was no looking back.

Dr. Kusuma and I researched around 30,000 homes, offices and other premises for the effects of the laws of Vaastu. We were particularly driven by this question; why is it that in a high rise building, where the Vaastu of all the houses are the same, different individuals get different results. It was then that we discovered that not only people, but their living spaces also have horoscopes, and thus began my professional journey to make peoples’ lives better.

The entire universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns. The science of Astro-Architecture is all about how to understand and make use of this energy in our day-to-day lives. This science of placement plays an important role in creating positive energy which leads to the prosperity and betterment of mankind. As an Astro-Architect, I co-relate the personal energy of an individual (commonly known as ‘aura’) to the universal energy field. My calculations are based on the movement of planetary positions and personal energy. I call it a divine science as it also includes predictions which are based on my calculations.

People should know that every house has a horoscope. To know more about it, stay tuned for my next blog.

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