The Spark of Venus!

Venus is the brightest celestial body visible from earth but usually this planet faces a lot of ill repute. If you ask me, I would say Venus stands for glory, pure love, wisdom and immortality. Venus is a planet known for its beauty and love, including how you love people or anything else in your life. On the surface however, Venus is glamorous, beautiful and attractive, and are known to be lovers of luxury. Basking in their beauty, they enjoy making the optimum use of clothes, jewellery, perfume and other finery to enhance their beauty.

In my personal opinion the negative qualities often associated with Venus are only effective if Venus is badly placed, not otherwise. Their only possible weakness is that they are emotional and like to lead a good life. In spite of being emotional, they are very good in the technical line of work related to computers and other online professions; these are all ruled by Venus. Medical sciences are also ruled by Venus and there is a good chance that they can be good doctors too. Being the colourful personality that they are, it isn’t surprising that they are usually successful and famous personalities.

Despite their infamy, which seems to precede them, the influence of this planet is rather good and can help one in achieving all round success in life. I have also noticed that people with a favourable Venus in their charts are able to fulfil most of their wishes because of the positive influence of the planet. A strong Venus in an individual’s horoscope can bring them a great level of fame and change the person’s life.

In astrology, the influence of Venus is to identify grace and creativity in a person and highlight their kindness, sensitivity and compassion. The placement of Venus in a person’s birth chart will highlight that individual’s emotional state and decisiveness. Venus rules the sign of Libra and Taurus and its influence does not only mean effect on appearance and beauty, it also influences mannerisms, speech and charisma possessed by an individual.

In my opinion, Venus is a beneficial planet and it would do an individual a great deal of good if they have a strong Venus in their natal charts. This planet helps them to lead a good life and can only have a negative impact if it is unfavourably placed. Friday is considered to be the lucky day for Venus and keeping in sync with the flashy and glamorous traits of this planet, the favourable precious stone is none other than diamond!

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