Astrology – Brief Introduction

I am starting with a series of blog to explain basic astrology for our readers as many have reached out to me to teach them this science, but teaching in itself being a dedicated line of work I found it difficult to take out time for the same. Writing blogs is my way of reaching out to all those people and sharing my experiences in this area. I will try my best to be as regular as possible but please do forgive me if there are any delays in these postings. To start with I would like to address the basic question

What is Astrology?

Spirituality aims at finding the purpose of life – Astrology gives you a blueprint

We all know astrology is one of the most ancient sciences. The existence of it goes as far back as the history of mankind. In the Rigveda, reference is made to a certain constellation of stars which could only have occurred ninety five thousand years ago. It’s a long long time ago!! So what is Astrology – is it study of stars, is it study of energies.

In the true sense Astrology is a science of fate or destiny, used for understanding various events on one’s life which were seen originating in the heavens. So it is not the study of stars – that is astronomy. Astrology studies the effect of the movement and energies of these stars on every living being of this planet. It is not only the original and foremost of the outer sciences, it is also the most important of the inner or spiritual sciences. Without astrology, that is, without understanding the significance of the movements of the heavens relative to our lives, there can be no true or integral knowledge. Our relationship with the stars mirrors our relationship with the cosmos and shows the secrets of our inner self.

If you believe in the theory of Karma, every soul at the birth decides the purpose of its birth, the lessons it is going to learn from this life. Both good and bad we experience in life are part of our soul’s journey. Every soul must experience these events to fulfil their true purpose. Hence I always say astrology is your guiding light when you are confused, and it should be used only for that. Astrology is nothing without the right karma!!

This universe is made up of 7 different colors, 7 different form of energies. All these energies pre-exist in our surroundings. When a child is born, the first light that hits the child has all these different energies in different levels and variations giving various qualities to the child. Does the birth chart is produced. Birth chart in real sense is nothing but understanding the position of all these energies at that particular moment when a child is born. And as we all know this moment is always decided by the child.

— Anshu Popli

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