Astrology – Characteristics of Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Characteristics of Zodiac Signs

Let’s try and understand basic representation of each zodiac sign. Primarily the characteristics of the sign depends on the Lord of the sign, however there are many aspects in which these signs are unique.

ARIES – A Ram; Fighter, energetic, aggressive. The lord of this sign is Mars.

TAURUS – A Bull; Strong but calm, possessive, sincere. The lord of this sign is Venus.

GEMINI – Couple or Twins; A man and a women, indoor activities, communicative. The lord of this sign is Mercury.

CANCER – A Crab; Fluidic, emotional, watery, perfectionist. The lord of this sign is Moon.

LEO – A Lion; Brave, status, idealistic, dominating. The lord of this sign is Sun.

VIRGO – A Girl in a boat; Feminine, intelligent, calculative. The lord of this sign is Mercury

LIBRA – A man holding scales; Balancing act, diplomatic, harmony. The lord of this sign is Venus.

SCORPIO – A scorpion; Aggressive, Dynamic, secretive. The lord of this sign is Mars.

SAGITTARIUS – A archer or charioteer; Risky, daredevil, outdoor activities. The lord of this sign is Jupiter.

CAPRICORN – First Half like deer and latter like crocodile; Discipline and perseverance. The lord of this sign is Saturn.

AQUARIUS – A Man holding a pitcher; Loves common people and freedom, deep thinkers. The lord of this sign is Saturn.

PISCES – Two fishes with their head pointing in different directions; Saintly, intuitive and idealistic. The lord of this sign is Jupiter.

The basis characteristics of a person depends on the Ascendant(Self, personality), Moon sign(Mind) and Sun sign(Soul).

Movable and fixed signs

Movable                                              Fixed                                     Dual

1.Aries                                                  2.Taurus                               3.Gemini

4.Cancer                                              5.Leo                                     6.Virgo

7.Libra                                                   8.Scorpio                             9.Sagittarius

10.Capricorn                                       11.Aquarius                        12.Pisces


In a birth chart when the ascendant is a movable sign the native is fond of travelling or being outdoors, particularly if the lord of the ascendant is also in a movable sign. If the ascendant is in a fixed sign and the lord of the ascendant is also in a fixed sign, the native has more of a sedentary lifestyle. For dual signs it is believed that first 15degrees of a sign shows the characteristics of a fixed sign whereas the last 15degrees are more like movable signs.


Male and female signs

Male signs : 1.Aries, 3.Gemini, 5.Leo, 7.Libra, 9.Sagittarius and 11.Aquarius

Female sings : 2.Taurus. 4.Cancer, 6.Virgo, 8.Scorpio, 10.Capricorn and 12.Pisces

Male signs Ascendant native is dominating, active and aggressive. Female signs ascendant native is accommodating and passive. These are very general characterisation. A persons character not only depends on the ascendant sign one has to take into consideration Lord of the ascendant position, planets deposited in asc., aspects and moon, sun position.

I will continue this further in the next blog….

– Anshu Popli (Astrologer / Astroarchitect)

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