Astrology – Zodiac Signs and Constellation

The main purpose of writing this blog is to simplify understanding of a birth chart and explain basic predictive astrology. I wish astrology was as simple as reading a book, but it isn’t.. No one can really put together all the combinations together. The reason astrology is termed as a Divine Science is because only the one blessed with the divine (a person truthful at heart) can truly get answers reading a Janampatri. But nonetheless it is a science. The most important thing of all is one must be able to see and judge all the elements in the chart individually and together. This comes with a lot of practice. So I would suggest, along with the theory start seeing horoscopes of your near and dear ones. See for any particular incidence in the past and try and understand why it must have happened. This is the simplest, most effective and easiest practice.

Birth Chart

Let’s start with understanding the constitution of the birth chart.

Zodiac Signs

With earth at the centre, the zodiac is the belt around the earth forming the pathway for all the planets to move along. This belt is limited by lines on either side extending to about 8°. This Zodiac is divided in twelve parts on the basis of certain fixed stars. In reality these stars are not fixed but there motion in so slow that for all practicality purpose we can count them as fixed. These 12 parts constitute the Zodiac Sign (Rashi’s). These Zodiac signs form the 12 houses of our kundli.


The movement of these signs are not a straight line but elliptical. Hence the distances are calculated in degrees. 1 degree is further divided in 60 minutes and 1 minute into 60 seconds. Each house occupies 30 degrees of longitude, thus completing full 360 degrees (30 x 12). The ruling planets of Zodiac signs is mentioned in the table below.


As mentioned earlier that these zodiac signs are formed by certain fixed stars, these fixed stars are called constellations or Nakshatra. We have a total of 27 such constellations. 27 divided by 360° so each constellation occupies 13 degree 20 minutes. Below is a list of constellation with their individual ruling planets. We will understand the concept of ruling planets little later


Zodiac Signs Ruling Planet Constellation Ruling Planet Degree – Minutes
Aries Mars Ashwini Ketu 00-00 to 13-20
Bharani Venus 13-20 to 26-40
Krittika Sun 26-40 to 30-00
Taurus Venus 30-00 to 40-00
Rohini Moon 40-00 to 53-20
Mrigashira Mars 53-20 to 60-00
Gemini Mercury 60-00 to 66-40
Ardra Rahu 66-40 to 80-00
Punarvasu Jupiter 80-00 to 90-00
Cancer Moon 90-00 to 93-20
Pushya Saturn 93-20 to 106-40
Ashlesha Mercury 106-40 to 120-00
Leo Sun Magha Ketu 120-00 to 133-20
Poorvaphalguni Venus 133-20 to 146-40
Uttaraphalguni Sun 146-40 to 150-00
Virgo Mercury 150-00 to 160-00
Hasta Moon 160-00 to 173-20
Chitra Mars 173-20 to 180-00
Libra Venus 180-00 to 186-40
Swati Rahu 186-40 to 200-00
Vishakha Jupiter 200-00 to 210-00
Scorpio Mars 210-00 to 213-20
Anuradha Saturn 213-20 to 226-40
Jyestha Mercury 226-40 to 240-00
Sagittarius Jupiter Moola Ketu 240-00 to 253-20
Poorvashadha Venus 253-20 to 266-40
Uttarashadha Sun 266-40 to 270-00
Capricorn Saturn 270-00 to 280-00
Shravana Moon 280-00 to 293-20
Dhanishta Mars 293-20 to 300-00
Aquarius Saturn 300-00 to 306-40
Shatabhisha Rahu 306-40 to 320-00
Poorvabhadrapad Jupiter 320-00 to 330-00
Pieces Jupiter 330-00 to 333-20
Uttarabhadrapad Saturn 333-20 to 346-40
Revati Mercury 346-40 to 360-00


[The above table is also very important while you are reading the Panchang]

If you see the line up of ruling planets of Nakshatra it is always in the following sequence Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. Starting from Ketu and ending at Mercury. One such set of Nakshatra’s comprise of one quadrant or a set of 4 houses. So from Aries to Cancer is called 1st Quadrant, Leo to Scorpio is called 2nd Quadrant and Sagittarius to Pieces is called 3rd Quadrant. Also I would suggest to by heart the sequence of planets from Ketu to Mercury as this sequence would be really beneficial for knowing the Dasha and Antardasha in the future.

We will learn about the characteristics of every zodiac sign in the next blog. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will try my best to get back to you.



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