Astrology – Characteristics of zodiac sign (part 2)

What is Kaal Purush kundli?

Kaal Purush kundli – you would hear this term many times while learning astrology. Kaal (time) Purush (man) – Kaal Purush is the cosmic being beyond time. It is the representation of the zodiac belt with Aries being the head and Pieces the feet. Kaal Purush kundli is based on the theory ‘yat pinde tat brahmande’. Human body is nothing but a replica of the universe ‘As above so below’. We all are a part of this cosmic being. Let’s take a look at the example to understand this  better : If at the time of your birth in the universe the sun is weak and the moon is in the strong position. The constituency of your body would be an exact replica of the constituency of the universe, which means you would have weak energy of the sun and strong moon.

This zodiac belt is like a large clock always moving – the movement is same but it shows different time and brings about change.

The question that comes to one’s mind is how did our ancestors came to the conclusion that Aries is the head and Pieces the leg. A zodiac belt is circular.. ok not completely circular, but still how does one find the starting point in a circular belt. There are many philosophical theories explaining this, but if you think logically also.. Aries has Sun (giver of life) in the strongest position and Saturn (taker of life) in the weakest position (we will discuss this in coming chapter). The starting point can only be the point when the giver of life is strongest and taker powerless.

So coming back to Kaal purush kundli. Kaal Purush kundli is the kundli of this cosmic being whose 1st house is always Aries, which helps in determining ones constituency. Below is the correspondence of various houses to different part of the body.

1st House –           Aries –                   Head (top portion)

2nd House –          Taurus –                Face and neck

3rd House –          Gemini –               Upper portion of chest and arms

4th House –          Cancer –               Heart, breasts, portion above the stomach

5th House –          Leo –                      Stomach, portion above the navel

6th House –          Virgo –                   Portion below navel and above basti*

7th House –          Libra –                    Basti*

8th House –          Scorpio –              Genitals, anus

9th House –          Sagittarius –        Thighs, hips

10th House –        Capricorn –          Knees, backs

11th House –        Aquarius –           Calves of legs

12th House –        Pisces –                 Feet


(*Basti – the space between navel and genitals when divided into two equal parts the lower part is called basti)

If any sign is weak or tenanted/aspected by malefic the corresponding part of the body will suffer with diseases. On the other hand if any sign is strong or tenanted/aspected by benefic the corresponding part of the body will be strong and healthy.

I have tried to explain the concept as simply as possible. You can always message below for any clarification and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

– Anshu Popli

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