Astrology – Planets (Part1)

Role of Planets

1)      Sun: Sun plays the role of the father in the solar system. It is male energy, responsible, one’s soul, energy. It represents fame, glory, principled nature, self respecting individual. However many times this self respect can easily be mistaken by ego. It represents will power, truthfulness.

Physical appearance: Square, honey-eyed, scanty hair on head, illustrious of good appearance.

Colour: Copper coloured

2)      Moon: Moon plays the role of the mother in the solar system. Moon is feminine energy, represents the mind, fast, active, multitasking, bright, intelligent, mild, emotions, fickle minded if afflicted. Represents cash money. Moon represents your emotional mind.

Physical appearance: Young, slender and globular body, well shaped limbs, intelligent, good eyes, soft spoken, fond of walking or travelling, having good discrimination, fine(thin) curly hair, fond of middle aged women.

Colour: White

3)      Mars: Mars plays the role of the brother in the solar system. Mars represents masculine energy, blood in your system. Mars is high energy, blood in your system. Mars is opinionated, strong willed, volatile, risk taking, daring, courageous. Mars is surgery, army, police.

Physical appearance: Cruel glance, young, not very tall, fond of self praise, impatient, restless, thin waist, fond of sports, commanding influence, sexy.

Colour: Deep red

4)      Mercury: Mercury is the accountant of the family (Munimji). Mercury represents dual characteristics. It has both masculine and feminine energy and gets influenced by the planets surrounding it. Mercury is your speech, intelligence, good with finance, dual income, fast thinker. Mercury and sun together in any house is considered very auspicious.

Physical appearance: Diplomatic speech or habit of speaking with double meaning, clear pronunciation, spare and thin body, humorous, fond of fun, learned, clever, veins prominent, imitate others in speech and dress

Colour: Green

5)      Jupiter: Jupiter is the teacher(Guru) of the family. It is given the position of god. Jupiter represents masculine energy, wisdom, righteous behaviour, kind, knowledgeable, see’s everyone with equal eye, just, fat, desk job, guidance.

Physical appearance: Big and fat body, prominent belly, brownish eyes and hair, benevolent eyes, very wise, having the voice of lion.

Colour: yellow

6)      Venus: Venus plays the role of other women in the family. Venus represents feminine energy, creative mind. Film industry is ruled by Venus, Person has eye for all things beautiful, good lifestyle. It is the only planet which gives good result even in negative houses. Artist, computers, brands, charismatic personality.

Physical appearance: Handsome in appearance, long arms, large thighs, chest and face, dark curly and long hair, fond of dress of variegated colour, intelligent, fond of dalliance, big eyes, sexy, wealthy may have some defect in eyes.

Colour: Variegated colours

7)      Saturn: Saturn plays the role of sweeper in the family. Saturn represents masculine and feminine energy, but more on the masculine side. Under the earth, dark, philosophical bent, lazy, subdued, likes to work in routine, old, hardworking, technical knowledge.

Physical appearance: Indolent or lazy, long and thin body, big or defective teeth, rough hair on body and head, may have hair on the lower part of ears, lame, hard limbs, selfish. If Saturn is strong the native would be sober, deep sagacious, fond of mystic and occult sciences, philosophy, etc.

Colour: Black

– Anshu Popli

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