Astrology – Planets (Part3)

Relationship of Planets

We have seen in brief the individual characteristics of each of the planets now let’s try and understand how they behave with each other

Planet        Friend                              Enemy                       Neutral

Sun            Moon, Mars, Jupiter            Venus, Saturn              Mercury

Moon          Sun, Mercury                     –                                 Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn

Mars           Sun, Moon, Jupiter             Mercury                       Venus, Saturn

Mercury       Sun, Venus                       Moon                           Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Jupiter        Sun, Moon, Mars               Mercury, Venus              Saturn

Venus         Mercury, Saturn                 Sun, Moon                    Mars, Jupiter

Saturn        Mercury, Venus                  Sun, Moon, Mars            Jupiter

As we can see that the relationship between planets are different in many cases for eg: Mercury considers sun as friend but in case of Sun it is neutral to mercury. These relationship are natural relationships which is common in all charts. Rahu and Ketu are enemies with Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter but comfortable with Venus, Mercury and Saturn. These relationship sometimes change depending on the position of planets in a person’s chart. For eg: if planets are sitting in each others house then even enemy planets become neutral to each other.. this is called as parivartan yog. We will learn more about these later. Right now let’s try and understand the basics first.


Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets

Planet                   Exaltation Sign(Deg of Highest Exal)       Debilitation Sign(Deg of deepest deb)

Sun                       Aries (10°)                                                           Libra (10°)

Moon                     Taurus (3°)                                                          Scorpio (3°)

Mars                      Capricorn (28°)                                                    Cancer (28°)

Mercury                  Virgo (15°)                                                          Pieces (15°)

Jupiter                   Cancer (5°)                                                         Capricorn (5°)

Venus                    Pieces (27°)                                                        Virgo (27°)

Saturn                   Libra (20°)                                                           Aries (20°)

A planet when is in a sign of Exaltation it is really strong and in its sign of debilitation is really weak. When the planet is preceding the sign in which it would be exalted the planet is called Uchchabhilashi or desiring for exaltation. A planet in its uchchabhilashi sign is also considered good. For example sun in pieces, Moon in Aries are considered good. Similarly the planet in the preceding sign before it becomes debilitated is called Neechabhilashi, this position is not considered good. A  planet is considered stronger than its own sign at its Mool Trikon sign.

Mool Trikon Sign of Planets

Sun: 0° to 20° in Leo

Moon: 4° to 30° in Taurus

Mars: 1° to 12° in Aries

Mercury: 16° to 20° in Virgo

Jupiter: 1° to 10° in Sagittarius

Venus: 0° to 5° in Libra

Saturn: 1° to 20° in Aquarius

Rahu: Aquarius

Ketu: Leo


–          Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

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