Astrology – Planets (Part5) Significators of Houses

Planets as Karaka for Houses

Certain planets are considered significators of certain houses. In such cases while you study the house lords and house tenants studying the significator also helps us reflect light on the overall understanding of the particular house. Below is the list of houses and their significators

1st House – Sun

2nd House – Jupiter

3rd House – Mars

4th House – Moon

5th House – Jupiter

6th House – Mars and Saturn

7th House – Venus

8th House – Saturn

9th House – Jupiter

10th House – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn

11th House – Jupiter

12th House – Saturn

It is better if the Karaka of the house is connected with the house in the birth chart. But sometimes even if it is not connected it can help determine certain aspects of that house. For example even if Jupiter may not be connected with the 9th house in a persons birth chart but having a strong Jupiter will suggest a person’s spiritual inclination. Similarly for a male chart having weak venus may suggest more than one relationship outside of marriage.

Ofcourse these are just examples and there are many other factors like placement and associations which determine the effect. It is only when you start seeing horoscopes will you truly understand how everything comes together.

written by Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

Astrologer and Astroarchitect Mentored by Neeta Sinha

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