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Astrology like any other science is best understood only when you start seeing and understanding things practically. No matter how many books you read deciphering a birth chart will come only by studying birth chart constantly. Start by reading charts of your friends, families, familiar people. See if you are able to understand their behaviour, overall nature looking at the chart. Phases in life will be understood only after we learn about the dasha system. We will look into that in coming blogs. Today let’s just see a chart


Understanding the above birth chart
1) Lagna / Ascendant of this chart is Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn/Sani. There is no other planet in the lagna however Guru has 5th aspection on it and Mars 7th. Primarily the characterictics of the person would be of Saturn. The person would have a philosophical bent of mind. Would like a routine life and to achieve that would try and convert every action into some kind of system. He will get very uncomfortable with chaos. Such a person would always want to do or work in someway for the common people. Since Guru is also aspecting and is in 9th house he would use his philosophical understanding to help himself grow spiritually. With Mars aspection the person would be short tempered. Would like immediate results.
2) The sun or the soul of the chart is debilitated, hence the person would lack will power, however because of a strong ascendant would be hard working so he will try to achieve as much as possible. Also since the sun is debilitated name and fame becomes difficult for such person.
3) Rahu in 6th house. Rahu in any house means that you are attached with those things that the house represents. But with attachment it also gives dissatisfaction. 6th house is the house of job. So such a person would have good job but will never be satisfied completely. Also the lord of 6th is sitting behind in 5th. This person will not stay in a single job for too long. But as a positive effect the person will not have common sicknesses like cold, cough, etc.
4) The Karaka of this horoscope is Venus since venus is the lord of both center(4th house) and trine (9th house) sitting in 11th. This person would always be benefitted from Venus related work.
These are some basic pointers of this birth chart. We will try and understand some more once we understand the dasha system.

written by Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

Astrologer and Astroarchitect Mentored by Neeta Sinha

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