Astrology – Example Birth Chart 3

Astrology – Example Birth Chart 3

As seen our native is Virgo born. A Virgo born person is very intelligent, diplomatic and good with communication. The lord of the ascendant Mercury is sitting in 8th house which is the house of hidden truths, secrets, mystery. Mercury being the karaka of communication these people will always communicate with hidden agenda’s. They will be very good at manipulating others. It is really a in born talent that they have.

Lets take a look at the 4th house of the native the lord of the 4th Jupiter is sitting in 12th house from the house. It is house of loss, or deprivation. So this native will always be deprived of mother’s love due to any reason. However due to the presence of Moon which also represents mother the native will get motherly love from some other person in his life. 4th house is also a house for assets, properties, conveniences, peace of mind. Due to the Jupiter position it is advisable for such a native to not invest in properties specially for profit purpose as the transaction may not be fruitful. We can also see Moon and Ketu conjunction in the 4th house. Moon represents our mind, emotions and emotional intelligence, it is also karaka for mother or motherly love. Ketu is a shadow planet. Ketu is a headless body, Ketu cannot think and reason. They get fixated on things or thoughts. Ketu represents loss, it is your karma from past birth. Whichever house Ketu is deposited you will not be able to enjoy things represented by that house. Ketu also represents spirituality, it is your karaka for Moksha. So when moon and ketu are sitting together it means your mind and emotions are under a shadow of headless body. Such a person if gets fixated on certain emotions they will apply all their mind power to achieve it. Their emotions runs haywire. If badly placed can cause depression, mental agony and other mental disorder. However in this native’s chart both moon and ketu are in a friendly sign so they will not do as much harm. Moon and Ketu together makes one critical of everything, makes one good with research work, many scientist have this combination specially if placed in 5th or 10th house as Ketu represents research. In the above example moon is lord of 11th house due to its conjunction with ketu the income of this person will suffer. It wouldn’t be to his calibre or satisfaction.

Lastly Saturn is also aspecting moon with its 3rd aspection causing punarphoo yog in the native. For him it is advisable to marry late post 27-28 years of age. If a native with punarphoo yog marries early it is likely that the marriage will not work.

written by Anshu Popli (Learning Astrology Made Easy)

Astrologer and Astroarchitect Mentored by Neeta Sinha
A little about the mentor:
Astroarchitecture is a science pioneered by Neeta Sinha “the lady behind all the starry homes” It is a science like Vaastu used to heal home, office or any other premise. But unlike Vaastu it is very specific and does not require any structural changes

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