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I am so excited to write this article today, the name itself has made me smile.

“I choose to be happy today”

Happiness is that simple, what matters the most in life is just a matter of choice. We have heard this time and again, but is it really that simple to make this a choice, I personally have tried it so many times and have failed because one is constantly in a state of worry, fear, stress, planning, expecting, fulfilling expectation, controlling emotions, and so on.. All these factors are completely anti happiness. It is not the choice of being happy which is difficult it is the choice of letting go of so many other factors which makes it impossible for so many of us. But the beauty of happiness is you just need few moments of it and it keeps your heart warm for long time and in those moments you automatically let go of all your worries and tension just melts. Most people who call me home to balance energy have happiness and peace of mind as their top concern. On this international day of happiness let’s focus on getting these small moments of happiness daily..

My best way of being happy

There are so many small things which makes one happy. But when I choose happiness I need to do / find these small things on a daily basis. And nothing gives me more pleasure than doing small gestures for my loved ones. Something small which makes them smile and fills my heart with warmth. It is so strange that in the daily run we almost forget and take our close ones for granted but when we stop and just take one small step towards them, just one small gesture it is all it takes to rekindle the love. At the end of the day happiness and togetherness is what matters the most, and if we can take out time for everything else then why not take out time for things that matter the most. What better way than spreading smiles.

Happy Happiness Day!

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