How does color therapy work?

People who know me know very well that I use a lot of colors to balance energies of any place. I have explained in great details in my previous blog “Guideline to positive home” which color can be used for which purpose to enhance the energies of the premise. But how using different colors can change my environment and create such drastic difference in one’s well being.

What is color? It is nothing but energy emitted by sun in different wavelengths. It is called living energy. As we have established in my last blog everything is nature is an energy source. So when this light is absorbed by us it energises different areas of our body. Each of these energy source has different effect on us. It manages different segments of our well being. How well exposed is one to such colors – factors in lot of our physical and mental well being. Similarly when a house is off balanced. I bring in some of these colors to balance the whole energy system which is required to maintain a harmonious environment. When one stays in a harmonious environment slowly it helps fade away a lot of issues naturally. And instead of working on an individual, improving the environment assures a fuller growth of everyone using that premise.

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