Why traditional Feng Shui is not applicable today

Why traditional Feng Shui is not applicable in the modern day apartments today

To understand this let’s look at the history of Feng Shui

In ancient China, farms and villages were auspiciously placed within the protective folds of mountains, shielded from harmful winds and nurtured by the gentle, winding streams. The people who practiced these principles prospered in agriculture and trade and grew strong and powerful. They produced social, cultural and military leaders unlike their neighbors who were exposed to harsh winds and inhospitable terrain.

It was a very practical science just like our Indian Vaastu system made to help people best utilise the natural resources available to them that is the sunlight, wind and water. But if we look at the modern day sciences now none of these factor really affect us anymore. We are shielded from all natural energy sources. And we have added on many other energies in our environment such as various communication signals, noise of entertainment units, road traffic, construction work, etc etc. Where all positive resources are depleting from our life, negative resources are increasing. Hence a traditional science is unlikely to succeed or give desired result in this day and age.

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