About Me

Neeta Sinha


Pioneer of Astro-architecure and the
only practitioner worldwide

My Journey

“I wish to bridge the distance between
man and the cosmos based on the
space they’re in”

I started as a skeptic, but more than three decades ago, my paths crossed with the
Late Dr. LN Kusuma, a renowned homeopath and Vedic astrology expert, KS Krishnamurthy. The accuracy with which Dr. Kusuma predicted my life sparked a strong desire in me to learn more about Vedic astrology.

Over time, I found myself wondering, ‘Why is it that in a high-rise building, where the Vaastu of all the houses is the same, different individuals get different results?‘ This led to us researching 30,000 homes and other spaces together to better understand the effects of the laws of Vaastu.

That’s when we knew that there was something beyond Vastu that must be affecting the human lives within. In our pursuit of that, we learned that each space has a horoscope that, when balanced, affects the lives of the people who occupy it. The practice of Astro-architecture, a fusion of astrology and architectural dimensions, aims to balance the energies in a house and, thereby, bring significant change in one’s life.

The process is as follows:

  • Every place has 3 negative sectors and 9 positive sectors
  • I first study the architectural maps and plans of a house or measure the physical dimensions of the same
  • And then work to enhance the positive sectors and subdue the negative ones.

With more than 37 years of experience in this field, I have an innate understanding of the science I practice. I am aware of the kinds of changes that can have a big impact on people’s lives and usher in wealthy and happy times. Hence, I have used this platform to showcase the nuances of Astro-architecture and throw light on how the practice of the same can impact a life for the better.



Astroarchitect, Astrologer, Tarot card & Certified Life Coach

Guiding and changing lives. I truly believe that the right guidance can bring many positive changes in one’s life. Utilizing my knowledge to the best of my ability I like to work closely with my clients to help them in the issues they are facing and counsel them to a better way of life. Over the years the list of believers have increased and growing and they have gained a lot with the results.



From a very young age, Ankur showed a deep curiosity and inclination towards the unique science of Astro Architecture. Upon completing his education and getting an ICF certification as a Life Coach, Ankur began his training as an Astroarchitect under his mother by going on site visits along with her. Post his training, he along with his sister Anshu, have been independently taking consultations and providing remedies to their clients for almost a decade. As an empath, Ankur inherently connects well with his clients and helps them better their lives by applying Astroarchitecture in their homes and offices. His strong intuitive mind has helped him gain complete trust and faith from his clients.